Aristakes Lastivertc'i's


Translated from Classical Armenian
by Robert Bedrosian

To the memory of my aunt Sahakanush (Mary) Der Bedrosian

This translation is in the public domain. It may be copied and distributed freely.

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in English:

from The Cambridge Medieval History, vol. IV The Byzantine Empire part I (Cambridge, 1966), facing page 608

Caucasia in the 8th-11th Centuries. Cyril Toumanoff, cartographer.

The map above, which is not in the public domain, is presented solely for non-commercial educational/research purposes.

Europe and the Mediterranean Lands about 1097. William R. Shepherd, cartographer.

in Russian:

Armenia at the Beginning of the 11th Century. S. T. Eremyan, cartographer.

in Armenian:

The Kingdom of Vaspurakan (908-1021).
The Kingdom of Kars (963-1065) and the Curopalate of Tayk' (962-1001).
S. T. Eremyan, cartographer.

The Principality of Siwnik' (821-987) and the Kingdom of Siwnik' (987-1170). B. H. Harut'yunyan, cartographer.

The sources for these maps, and additional maps are available on our Maps Page.

Translator's Preface

Chapter 1.

Events in the Land of the Armenians.
Chapter 2.
Concerning the Armenian Kingdom.
Chapter 3.
How the Emperor Turned Back a Second Time on the Land of Tayk' where the Georgian Troops were Defeated.
Chapter 4.
Concerning the Last War at Shghp'ay.
Chapter 5.
The Reign of Constantine.
Chapter 6.
How Romanus Ruled.
Chapter 7.
The Taking of the City of Edessa.
Chapter 8.
The Death of Romanus.
Chapter 9.
The Reign of Michael.
Chapter 10.
The Reign of Theodosius' Son, Constantine, Called Monomachus.
Chapter 11.
Regarding the Destruction which Took Place in the Basen District and on the Mountain called Smbat's Mountain.
Chapter 12.
Regarding the Merciless Destruction of Arcn.
Chapter 13.
Regarding the Great War Which Occurred on the Plain of Basen, Where the Byzantines Were Defeated.
Chapter 14.
How Long the Patriarch Petros Remained in Constantinople, or How He Returned.
Chapter 15.
Regarding How Terribly the City Called Kars Was Struck.
Chapter 16.
Regarding the Sultan's Arrival.
Chapter 17.
The End of Monomachus' Reign.
Chapter 18.
The Reign of Theodora (Meaning, "God-Given").
Chapter 19.
The Destruction and Inestimable Ruin of Mesopotamia and Its Cities.
Chapter 20.
The Reign of Comnenus.
Chapter 21.
The Destruction of the Shahastan City, Melitene [Malatya].
Chapter 22.
Concerning the Evil Sect of the T'ondrakeans Which Appeared in Hark' District and Agitated Many People.
Chapter 23.
How That Fire of Heresy Also Inflamed the Borders of Mananaghi.
Chapter 24.
How the World Renowned City of Ani was Massacred by the Sword.
Chapter 25.
Concerning the King of the Greeks Who Was Arrested by the King of Persia.
Colophon of This Book.

Note: because of its large size, the translation has been divided into multiple files (of about 30K each) for fast display. Use the Continue link at the end of each section to advance.

The following modern chronological tables may be helpful as accompaniments to the translation:

Rulers of Armenia and of Eastern and Western Empires
Kat'oghikoi and Corresponding Secular Rulers of the Armenians
Rulers of Armenia and Iberia/Georgia

Additional tables are available on another page of this site: Chronological Tables.

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