Yovhannēs Drasxanakertc'i's

History of Armenia

Translation and Commentary
by Rev. Fr. Krikor Vardapet Maksoudian


Chapter I

The Progeny of Noah
Chapter II
The Valor of Hayk against Bel and His Descendants
Chapter III
The Reign of Paroyr and His successors until Vahe
Chapter IV
The Reign of Vagharshak the Parthian and His Reforms; His Successors until Tigran II of Noble Birth
Chapter V
The Reign of Tigran II and His Works; The Rule of Artawazd and Arjam

Chapter VI
The Reign of Abgar: His Conversion to Christianity; His Works and the Enlightenment of the Armenian Nation
Chapter VII
The Apostasy of Sanatruk and the Armenians; The Martyrdom of Thaddeus, Sanduxt, the Blessed Oskeank' and Suk'iasank'
Chapter VIII
The Assassination of King Xosrov by Anak. The Origin of Saint Grigor, and the Second Enlightenment of the Armenian Nation
Chapter IX
The Council of Nicaea; Concerning Arius; and the Retirement of Saint Grigor
Chapter X
The Death of Saint Aristakes and King Trdat

Chapter XI.
The Reign of Xosrov and Tiran and the Pontificate of Saint Yusik
Chapter XII
The Pontificate of Nerses the Great and His Banishment. The Council of Constantinople.

Chapter XIII

The Reign of Pap and His War against Mehruzhan the Apostate; the Death of Nerses the Great and the Succession of the Katholikoi
Chapter XIV
The Pontificate of Sahak the Great and the Spread of Literacy among Our People; the Downfall of Our Kingdom
Chapter XV
The Martyrdom of the Blessed Vardanians and the Ghewondian Priests

Chapter XVI
The Works of Vahan Mamikonian and the Katholikoi
Chapter XVII
The Works and Heroic Acts of Smbat, and the Council of Dvin
Chapter XVIII
Katholikos Ezr and Yovhannes Mayragomec'i
Chapter XIX
The Afflictions that the Hagarites Inflicted on Armenia and the Works of Katholikos Nerses
Chapter XX
The Rule of Grigor as Curopalate and the Misfortunes that Occurred in Armenia

Chapter XXI
The Anguish and Misfortune of the Armenian People on Account of the Hagarites.
Chapter XXII
The Patriarchate of Yovhannes the Philosopher and His Works
Chapter XXIII
The Patriarchate of Dawit' and Others and Their Works
Chapter XXIV
The Plunder of the Vessels of the Church in the Village of Baguan, and the Usurpation of the Estate of the Patriarchate
Chapter XXV
The Massacre of the Armenian People, and the Martyrdom of Many

Chapter XXVI
Other Atrocious Deeds Commited by the Governor Bugha, and the Martyrdom of the Sparapet Smbat
Chapter XXVII
The Succession of Ashot, Son of Smbat, and the Return of the Armenian Naxarars from Captivity
Chapter XXVIII
Peace in Armenia and the Unity Among the Naxarars
Chapter XXIX
The Rule of the Presiding Prince Ashot as King, and the Murder of Grigor Arcruni
Chapter XXX
The Death of King Ashot and the dissension that Arose between the Sparapet Abas and the Crown Prince Smbat and Concerning the Katholikos Georg

Chapter XXXI
The Dissension between the Governor (Ostikan) Afshin and King Smbat, and the Insurrection in the City of Dwin
Chapter XXXII
The Destruction of the City of Dvin and Mashtoc' Vardapet's Letter of Consolation to the People of the City
Chapter XXXIII
Afshin's War against King Smbat, and the Confinement of the Katholikos
Chapter XXXIV
The Rise of Prince Ashot in Rebellion and the War between King Smbat and Ahmad
Chapter XXXV
Afshin's Attack on Smbat, and the Seizure of His Family

Chapter XXXVI
The Pontificate of the Vardapet Mashtoc' and Yovhannes the Historian
Chapter XXXVII
Freedom of the Royal Family from Captivity; Afshin's Preparation for War against Smbat; His Death
The Discord between Ashot and Hasan Arcruni, and the Death of Ashot
Chapter XXXIX
The Rule of Yusuf Brother of Afshin as Governor, and the Death of Shapuh and Dawit' Brothers of King Smbat
Chapter XL
Yusuf Sets Out against Smbat; They Come to Terms and Confer Honor on One Another

Chapter XLI
The War against Constantine, the King of Egrisi, and the Seizure of the Latter; the Hostilities between Atrnerseh and Smbat
Chapter XLII
The Plot of Hasan and Atrnerseh to Assassinate Smbat
Chapter XLIII
The Counter rule of Gagik Arcruni as King, and the Great Confusion He Caused
Chapter XLIV
Surrender of the Sparapet Ashot to Yusuf and the Release of the Katholikos Yovhannes
Chapter XLV
The Gallantry of Ashot and Mushegh, the Sons of the King; the Treachery of Sewordik', and the Capture of Mushegh

Chapter XLVI.
Yusuf Puts to Execution the Princes that Surrendered, as Well as Mushegh
Chapter XLVII
The Exploits of Sahak and Vasak, and the Cruelites of Yusuf
Chapter XLVIII
King Smbat Remains Helpless, and Surrenders to Yusuf: the Escape of Gagik
Chapter XLIX
The Siege of the Fortress of Ernjak: the Glorious Martyrdom of the Blessed King Smbat, and the Miracles that Appeared Over His Body
Chapter L
The Assault on the Fortress of Ernjak and Its Conquest: the Valor of Ashot, the son of Smbat, and His Reign

Chapter LI
The Dauntless Feats of King Gagik; and the Disastrous Calamities that Came upon Our Land, and the Martyrdom of Multitudes
Chapter LII
The Agression of Foreign Nations upon Our Land, and the Disunity among Our Naxarars
Chapter LIII
The Severity of the Elements and the Famine: the Calamities Brought upon by the Enemies, and the Carnivorous Beasts
Chapter LIV
The Letter of Patriarch Nikolaos of Constantinople to Katholikos Yovhannes, and the Letter of the Latter to the Emperor Constantine
Chapter LV
King Ashot Goes to the Emperor, and Yusuf Retreats before King Gagik

Chapter LVI
The Return of King Ashot to His Fatherland, and the Coronation of Ashot Sparapet. The War between the Latter; The Success of Katholikos Yovhannes in Appeasing Them
Chapter LVII
The Uprising of Vasak and Ashot against King Ashot, and Their Defeat at the Hands of the Latter
Chapter LVIII
King Ashot Makes War against [the Anti-King] Ashot and Is Defeated by Him
Chapter LIX
King Ashot, the Son of King Smbat, Makes War against Prince Movses, and Defeats Him;
Chapter LX
Prince Sahak Rises in Insurrection against King Ashot, and Is Seized by Him; On the Works of Other Princes

Chapter LXI
The Rise of Yusuf in Rebellion; The Appointment of Subuki as Ostikan, and the Works of the Latter
Chapter LXII
The Rebellion of Vasak, and the Subordination of the Latter by Ashot
Chapter LXIII
The Rebellion of Prince Amram, and the Defeat of the Shahanshah Ashot
Chapter LXIV
The Temperance of King Gagik; The Discharge of the Ostikan Yusuf, and His Wicked Deeds
Chapter LXV
The Princes of Sisakan are Brought into Danger, and Katholikos Yovhannes Is Distressed

Chapter LXVI
The Capture of the Fortress of Biwrakan and the Carnage that Was Made There
Chapter LXVII
The Exposure of the Princes Babgen and Vasak to Danger
A Separate Discourse Commemorating His [Yovhannes's] Name

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