116 B.C. Olympiad 166.1

Consuls: C. Licinius P.f. Geta, Q. Fabius Q.Serviliani f. Maximus Eburnus
Athenian archon: Sarapion
Olympic victor in the stadion race: Chrysogonus of Nicaea

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1 EGY {13 Tybi -E = February} Document: PTeb_40, a petition from Pnepheros to Amenneus.
2 ROM Adherbal complains to the senate about Jugurtha's aggression; Jugurtha's envoys allegedly bribe senators to win support.
Sall:Jug_13'4-15'5, 28'1; ~[Liv]:Per_62; Flor_1.36'4-5.
3 EGY {8 Pharmuthi -E = May} Document: PTeb_30'10-21, a letter from Ptolemaeus and Hestiaeus to Apollonius.
3a GRE ?? Document: Syll_704.E, a decree of Delphi in honour of the Dionysiac artists of Athens.
3b << Document: Syll_826, recording decisions of the Amphictyons concerning a scandal at Delphi.
3c MAC ?? Document: IG_9.2.1107b, a decree in honour of a priest of Sarapis at Demetrias.
4 EXT ?? The first voyage of Eudoxus, sailing from Egypt to India.
Strab_2'98-99,(3.4)  '100-101.(3.5) 
5 EGY ?? The parasite Hierax of Antioch is put to death by Ptolemy.
6 ?? Document: Burstein_108B  (OGIS_137-139), a petition of the priests of Isis at Philae.
7 {8 Payni -E = June} Document: PTeb_100, receipts for tax paid by Epigenes.
7a ?? Document: Potter_, "The Potter's Oracle", in which a native Egyptian describes a friendly ruler (? Ptolemy VIII).
7b ?? Document: AET_8.19, the inscription on an obelisk in honour of Ptolemy VIII.
8 {11 Payni -E = 28 June} The death of Ptolemy VIII and accession of Ptolemy IX.
* Read Justin's account
SelPap_1.27'1; AET_8.13'G. +AstrCan_3; Strab_17'795;(1.11)  ClemAl:Strom_1'21; Just_39.3'1; ~[Euseb]:Chron_163, 171; ChronPasc_441'C; !Hieron:Chron_1902; ExcBarb_36A; ChronSynt_91; { CAH_9'314; OCD_p; Bennett.}
9 NUM A Roman commision led by Opimius partitions Numidia between the kings.
Lucil_450; Sall:Jug_16'1-5; Plut:CGrac_18'1; Flor_1.36'5; { CAH_9'29; Green_718.}
10 ROM C.Marius is elected praetor; he is subsequently accused of bribery, but acquitted.
* Read Plutarch's account
ValMax_6.9'14; Plut:Mar_5'3-10; { CAH_9'515; OCD_m.}
11 Scaurus unsuccessfully prosecutes P.Rutilius after the consular elections.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:DeOr_2'280, ~:Brut_113; Tac:Ann_3'66; { OCD_r.}
11a EGY {Phaophi -E = October} Document: AET_6.3'B, a demotic marriage contract.
11b CRE {Pyanopsion -G = Oct./Nov.} Document: Syll_712.B-C, recording the delay of arbitration by Cnossus in a dispute between Lato and Olous.
12 EGY Cleopatra is forced to accept her elder son as king of Egypt.
* Read Pausanias' account
Paus_1.9'1; ~Just_39.3'2; { CAH_9'315.}
13 AS1 Rome removes Phrygia Major from the control of Mithridates.
* Read Justin's account
~OGIS_436<t=B  Sherk_49>; Just_38.5'3; { CAH_9'133.}
14 AS1 == Document: Sherk_49B  (OGIS_436), a copy of a senatorial decree about Phrygia Major.
15 ROM == The birth of the writer M.Varro.
* Read St.Jerome's account
+Hieron:Chron_1901, 1935; { OCD_v; Green_718.}

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