200 B.C. Olympiad 145.1

Consuls: P. Sulpicius Ser.f. Galba Maximus (II), C. Aurelius C.f. Cotta
Achaean General: Cycliadas (II)
Olympic victor in the stadion race: Pyrrhias of Aetolia.

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1 ROM Sulpicius puts forward a motion to declare war on Philippus, but it is rejected by a popular assembly.
* Read Livy's account
Ennius:Ann_325; +Liv_31.5'1-6'6; Flor_1.23'4; Paus_1.36'6; Festus:Brev_7'2; { CAH_8'165, '256-257; Green_705.}
2 ASI Philippus escapes from his enemies after being trapped at Bargylia.
SEG_51.1496; Polyb_16.24'1-9; Polyaen_4.18'2; { CAH_8'254, '257; Green_306.}
2a << Document: THI_72.A & SEG_43.706, decrees of Panamara and Euromus in honour of Philippus and his officers.
2b AEG ?? Document: SEG_12.399, a letter from Philippus to Athenian cleruchs on the island of Lemnos.
3 ROM An embassy from Ptolemy V discusses intervention in Greece; the senate sends M.Lepidus to be Ptolemy's adviser.
* Read Livy's account
Sherk_3d;B  Cic:Fin_5'64; +Liv_31.9'1-10; ValMax_6.6'1; Tac:Ann_2'67; Just_30.2'8-3'4.
3b CRE << Document: SEG_23.547, a treaty between Rhodes and Olous in Crete.
4 ?? Document: Austin_113B  (Syll_581), a treaty between Rhodes and Hierapytna in Crete.
4b ?? Document: THI_100, a treaty between Attalus and Malla in Crete.
5 PAL << The Egyptian general Scopas invades Palestine.
* Read Josephus' account
~Polyb_16.39'1-2; Joseph:AJ_12'131, '135<q" Polyb>; Porph:Fr_45; !Hieron:Chron_1814; Suda_S'654.
6 PEL {? July} A pancration contest for boys is held at the Olympic Games for the first time.
+Paus_5.8'11; +[Euseb]:Chron_209.
7 CIS The Gauls capture and destroy Placentia.
* Read Livy's account
Liv_31.10'1-11'3; DioCass_fr.58'5; +Zonar_9'15;(p287)  { CAH_8'111.}
8 GRE Athens declares war on Philippus.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_16.25'1-28'9; +Liv_31.14'6-15'11; Flor_1.23'8; Paus_1.36'5, 7.7'5-7; +Zonar_9'15;(p277)  { CAH_8'258; Green_307.}
9 ROM The Roman people declare war on Philippus; the start of the Second Macedonian War.
* Read Livy's account
Cic:LegMan_14; +Liv_31.7'1-8'11, 36.3'9; Flor_1.23'4-5; Appian:Mac_2;(↓↓)  Paus_1.36'6; Ampel_44'2; Just_30.3'6; Festus:Brev_7'2; ~Eutrop_4.1'1; Oros_4.20'1; +Zonar_9'15;(p277)  { CAH_8'207, '257; OCD_p.}
10 PEL Philopoemen leads an expedition against Nabis.
~Polyb_16.36'1-37'7; { OCD_n; Green_302.}
10a Document: Syll_600, a monument erected at Mantineia by Achaean soldiers.
11 AFR The Romans send an embassy to Carthage, Masinissa, and Vermina the son of Syphax.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_31.11'4-18, 19'1-6; (?) DioCass_fr.57'81.
12 ASI Roman envoys cross over from Greece to meet Antiochus.
* Read Justin's account
~Polyb_16.27'5; Just_31.1'1-4; { CAH_8'261, '270; Green_304.}
13 ROM L.Lentulus celebrates an ovation for his victories in Spain.
14 CIS The praetor L.Furius defeats the Gauls near Cremona.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_31.21'1-22'3; DioCass_fr.58'6; Oros_4.20'4; +Zonar_9'15;(p285)  { CAH_8'111.}
15 ASI Philippus captures Abydus.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_16.29'1-35'2; Diod_28.6'1; +Liv_31.16'1-18'9, 31'4, 32.21'22, 33.40'5; Appian:Mac_4'2-3;(5)  { CAH_8'260; Green_307-308.}
16 PAL Antiochus defeats the Egyptians at Panium.
* Read Polybius' account
Daniel_11'13-16; Polyb_16.18'2-19'11, 39'3, 28.1'3, '5; Joseph:AJ_12'132; Porph:Fr_46; !Hieron:Chron_1820; { CAH_8'252; Green_304.}
17 {13 September -R} The aediles hold the Ludi Romani.
18 ROM {13 November -R} Document: Plaut:Stich, Plautus' comedy "Stichus", first performed at the Plebeian Games.
+Liv_31.50'3; { OCD_p.}
19 ROM The triumph of L.Furius, over the Gauls.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_31.47'4-49'3, '9; DioCass_fr.57'81.
20 MAC Sulpicius crosses over to Macedonia with a Roman army.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_31.14'1-5, 22'4-23'12, 32.3'3-4; Plut:Flam_3'1; Flor_1.23'6-7; Appian:Mac_4'3;(5)  Paus_7.7'8; +Zonar_9'15;(p277)  { CAH_8'261; OCD_s.}
21 Cycliadas succeeds Philopoemen as general of the Achaean League.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_31.25'3; Plut:Phil_13'2, '4.
22 GRE Philippus invades Attica.
* Read Livy's account
~Polyb_16.38'1; Diod_28.7'1; +Liv_31.24'1-26'13, 30'9-10, 32.21'21; Zonar_9'15;(p277)  { CAH_8'262; Green_705.}
23 PAL The Jews transfer their allegiance to Antiochus after his victory.
* Read Josephus' account
~Polyb_16.39'3-5; Joseph:AJ_12'129-137; Porph:Fr_46; !Hieron:Chron_1807.
23a ?? Document: SEG_8.269, the epitaph of Cretan soldier in Gaza.
24 PEL << Document: Sosyl_, the fragments of Sosylus' book about Hannibal. { ~OCD_s.}
24a GRE ?? Document: IG_2³.1238 (Syll_580), an Athenian decree in honour of Eris of Byzantium.
24b EXT ?? Document: SEG_54.1569, a dedication to Hestia on behalf of Euthydemus and Demetrius of Bactria.
25 ROM == Document: CIL_1.610, a dedication by C.Aurelius.
26 ROM {15 March -R} The consuls enter office, and receive a Carthaginian embassy with the first payment of the war indemnity.
* Read Nepos' account
Nepos_23.7'1-4; +Liv_32.1'1-2'7; Plut:Flam_1'6; { From this point onwards, for at least the next 40 years, the Roman calendar was so far ahead of the solar year that the start of the civil year (15 March) fell in November or December of the previous Julian year.}

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