252 B.C. Olympiad 132.1

Consuls: C. Aurelius L.f. Cotta, P. Servilius Q.f. Geminus
Athenian archon: (?) Callimedes
Olympic victor in the stadion race: Xenophanes of Amphissa.

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1 ROM {23 March -R} The triumph of Cornelius Asina, over the Carthaginians.
2 {1 April -R} The triumph of Sempronius Blaesus, over the Carthaginians.
3 EGY {6 int. Peritius -M = 6 Phamenoth -E = April} Document: SelPap_1.93 (PCairZen_59251), a letter from Artemidorus to Zenon.
4 PEL ++ The education and physical training of Aratus of Sicyon.
5 << Abantidas the tyrant of Sicyon is assassinated; his place is taken by Paseas.
* Read Plutarch's account
~Plut:Arat_3'4; Paus_2.8'2; { CAH_7.1'243.}
6 SIC Cotta captures Himera.
* Read Zonaras' account
Frontin:Str_4.1'30; +Oros_4.9'13; +Zonar_8'14;(p437)  { CAH_7.2'670.}
7 Cotta captures Lipara, despite a defeat suffered by P.Aurelius (? or Q.Cassius) in his absence.
* Read Zonaras' account
~Polyb_1.39'13; Diod_14.93'5, ~23.20'1; ValMax_2.7'4; Frontin:Str_4.1'31; +Zonar_8'14;(p437)  { CAH_7.2'559.}
8 The Romans besiege Hercte, but fail to capture it.
9 EGY Document: SelPap_2.365, a boat-captain's receipt for a cargo of grain.
10 SYR == Antiochus marries Berenice, the daughter of Ptolemy Philadelphus.
* Read Daniel's account
Daniel_11'6; Athen_2.45'c; Porph:Fr_43; Liban:Or_11'108-109;B  { CAH_7.1'502; OCD_b.}
11 ROM >> The censors punish some of the knights, after Cotta complains that they disobeyed his orders.
ValMax_2.9'7; Frontin:Str_4.1'22.
12 >> The censors M'.Valerius and P.Sempronius complete the census; 16 senators are stripped of their rank.
* Read Fasti's account
+FastCap_p56; ~[Liv]:Per_18; { OCD_v.}

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