282 B.C. Olympiad 124.3

Consuls: C. Fabricius C.f. Luscinus, Q. Aemilius Cn.f. Papus
Athenian archon: Nicias

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1 GRE ?? The Athenians put up a statue of Ptolemy at Delphi.
2 AEG ?? Document: OGIS_15, a dedication by Arsinoe the daughter of Ptolemy at Samothrace.
3 THR ?? Theodorus, who is sent on an embassy by Ptolemy, ignores the threats made against him by Lysimachus.
* Read Diogenes' account
Cic:Tusc_1'102, 5'117; ValMax_6.2e'3; Sen:Dial_9.14'3; Plut:Mor_499'D, 606'B; DiogLaert_2'102, 6'97-98.
4 CYR ++ General comments on the career of the philosopher Anniceris.
* Read Diogenes' account
DiogLaert_2'86; Suda_A'2466.
4a GRE ?? The early career of Herillus, the Stoic philosopher.
DiogLaert_7'166; { Herillus was a pupil of Zenon, and a contemporary of Cleanthes.}
5 ITA ++ General comments on the career of Rhinthon of Tarentum, a writer of comedies.
6 EGY ?? Ptolemy avoids the normal format of a letter, when writing to Seleucus.
7 ?? Demetrius Phalereus helps Ptolemy to draw up laws.
8 ?? Ptolemy builds a warship with twelve banks of oars.
9 ?? Demetrius Phalereus sends back gifts to Athens from Egypt.
10 ?? Demetrius persuades Ptolemy I to start collecting books for a library.
* Read Aristeas' account
Aristeas_9-11; Joseph:AJ_12'12-16; Plut:Mor_189'D; Tert:Apol_18'5; ClemAl:Strom_1'22; Porph:Fr_42; Tzetz:ProlCom_20; { In the Jewish tradition, this is mistakenly extended into the reign of Ptolemy II.}
11 ?? Menedemus is sent as an ambassador to Ptolemy.
12 ?? Imaginary episodes from the lives of Thais and Glycera.
Lucian:DMer_1'1-2, 3'2.
14 ?? Galetes, a favourite of Ptolemy, persuades him to save some men from execution.
15 ?? Ptolemy declines to punish an insolent grammarian.
16 ?? Ptolemy displays a camel along with a two-coloured man at a public show.
18 ++ The character of Ptolemy, and his queen Berenice.
* Read Theocritus' account
Theoc_17'13-18, '34-42; Plut:Mor_181'F; Aelian:VH_13'13.
19 ++ The condition of the kingdom of Egypt under Ptolemy.
* Read Strabo's account
Diod_1.31'7, 46'7-8; Strab_17'836.(3.20) 
20 The death of Ptolemy I, and accession of Ptolemy II.
* Read Eusebius' account
SEG_28.60'44-56; ~Polyb_2.41'2; Nepos_21.3'4; Strab_17'795;(1.11)  ClemAl:Strom_1'21; Just_16.2'7; ~[Euseb]:Chron_161; ChronPasc_425'A; !Hieron:Chron_1733; Malal_196; ExcBarb_35B; { CAH_7.1'110; Errington_p62; Bennett?Apr-Jun.}
20a Ptolemy goes to Mendes, to celebrate a festival for his accession.
21 Demetrius Phalereus is put under arrest by Ptolemy II.
22 SYR ?? Demetrius Poliorcetes builds huge warships, with up to 15 banks of oars.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plin:HN_7'208, 16'203;L  Plut:Demetr_20'7.
23 ++ The character and achievements of Demetrius Poliorcetes.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Demetr_20'1-6, :Ant_89'1-90'3; Polyaen_4.7'1; Athen_6.244'f, 13.578'a; Aelian:VH_3'16, 9'9, 12'14; Suda_D'429.
24 << Death of Demetrius Poliorcetes.
* Read Plutarch's account
Nepos_21.3'3; ~Plut:Demetr_52'1-6, :Ant_93'3; ![Euseb]:Chron_247;(↓)  Suda_D'429; { CAH_7.1'108; Errington_p58.}
25 << The funeral of Demetrius.
26 AEG << Document: RC_7, a letter of Lysimachus to Samos, concerning a boundary dispute with Priene.
Syll_599'101-102, '126-131.
27 ASI << Document: BD_14, recording a loan from the city of Cnidus to Miletus, to enable Miletus to make a payment demanded by Lysimachus.
27a GRE {30 Scirophorion -G = July} Document: Syll_375, an Athenian decree concerning the rites of Athena Pandemos.
28 ASI {June/July} War breaks out between Lysimachus and Seleucus.
* Read Justin's account
#BabylChron_9'O3-8; Memn_5'7; ~Just_17.1'7-12; Trog:Prol_17; ~Oros_3.23'58-59; { CAH_7.1'113.}
29 ETR The Romans defeat the Boii and Etruscans in a second battle.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_2.20'4-21'1; ~[Liv]:Per_12; Strab_6'287;(4.2)  Frontin:Str_1.2'7; { CAH_7.2'666; OCD_b.}
31 ITA Fabricius defeats the Lucanians near Thurii.
* Read Livy's account
~[Liv]:Per_12; ValMax_1.8'6; AmmMarc_24.4'24; { OCD_f.}
32 CAP ?? Ariarathes II expels the Macedonians and regains control of Cappadocia.
* Read Diodorus' account
Diod_31.19'5; Strab_12'534;(1.4)  (?) Frontin:Str_3.2'9; { ~OCD_a; some modern historians put the date of this event later, in 280 B.C.}
33a ASI {Dios -M = ? August/Sept.} Document: SEG_28.1224, a decree of Telmessus in response to a letter from Ptolemy II.
34 Philetaerus stops supporting Lysimachus.
* Read Strabo's account
Strab_13'623;(4.1)  Paus_1.8'1, 10'4; { CAH_7.1'427; OCD_p.}
35 Ptolemy Ceraunus leaves Lysimachus and seeks refuge with Seleucus.
* Read Nepos' account
Nepos_21.3'4; Appian:Syr_62; Paus_1.16'2, 10.19'7; { CAH_7.1'113; Errington_p61.}
36 ITA Tarentum prepares for war against Rome.
* Read Dio's account
~DioCass_fr.39'1-3; ~Zonar_8'2.(p295) 
37 The Tarentines attack a Roman fleet.
* Read Florus' account
~[Liv]:Per_12; Flor_1.13'3-4; ~Appian:Sam_7'1-2;(15)  DioCass_fr.39'4-5; ~Oros_4.1'1; ~Zonar_8'2;(p295)  { CAH_7.2'456-457; Green_692.}
38 GRE << Antigonus captures and fortifies Munychia.
Plut:Mor_754'B; { Antigonus held Munychia in 287 B.C., and during the Chremonidean War; but it appears that he lost and recaptured the fortress early in his reign.}
39 EGY == Construction of the Pharos at Alexandria, designed by Sostratus of Cnidus.
* Read Poseidippus' account
Poseidip_23; Strab_17'791;(1.6)  Plin:HN_36'83; Lucian:HistC_62; ChronPasc_472'A; ~Hieron:Chron_1733; Malal_218; ExcBarb_36B; { ~OCD_lighthouse; Green_159?285; Eusebius appears to have dated this to the first year of the reign of Ptolemy II.}
39a GRE ?? Document: OGIS_66 & 67, decrees of Delphi and the League of Islanders, in honour of Sostratus.
40 ROM The inhabitants of Thurii erect a statue to Fabricius for his help in protecting them from the Lucanians.
41 AEG << Document: Syll_389, a list of chorus-leaders at Delos.

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