299 B.C. Olympiad 120.2

Consuls: M. Fulvius Cn.f. Paetinus, T. Manlius T.f. Torquatus
Athenian archon: Euctemon

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1 ETR {March -R} Nequinum is still under siege when the new consuls enter office.
2 GRE << Lachares becomes tyrant of Athens.
Paus_1.25'7; { CAH_7.1'101?295; Errington_p53.}
3 ASI << Document: OGIS_10, a decree of Ephesus in honour of Nicagoras of Rhodes.
3a << Document: OGIS_213, a decree of Miletus in honour of Antiochus, son of Seleucus.
3b << Lysimachus marries Arsinoe, daughter of Ptolemy.
Memn_4'9; { CAH_7.1'103=299/8; Bennett; Hölbl_p25=301/0.}
3c GRE << Epicurus writes the 15th Book of his work "About Nature".
3d AEG Document: THI_223.A, regulations for the lease of temple lands on Delos.
4 PAL ?? Areus, king of Sparta, sends an embassy with a letter to the Jewish high priest Onias.
5 << Simon "the Just" becomes high priest of the Jews.
* Read Josephus' account
~Joseph:AJ_12'43; ChronPasc_421'B, 424'B, 464'B, 509'A; +Hieron:Chron_1717; ExcBarb_35B; Syncell_325; ChronSynt_95;(↓)  { There is some confusion over whether it was Simon I or Simon II who was called "the Just".}
5a EGY {25? Pachon -E = July} A sacred Apis bull is discovered in the nome of Heliopolis.
6 ROM The censors P.Sempronius and P.Sulpicius complete the census; two new tribes, Aniensis and Teretina, are created.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_10.9'14; FastCap_p50.
7 ETR The Romans capture Nequinum, and found a colony there, called Narnia.
+Liv_10.10'1-5; { CAH_7.2'376; Green_689.}
8 CIS The Gauls invade Etruria.
~Polyb_2.19'1-4; { CAH_7.2'377.}
9 ROM T.Manlius dies after falling from his horse, and M.Valerius is elected consul in his place.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_10.11'1-4; +FastCap_p50.
10 ETR Valerius invades Etruria.
11 GRE {21 Metageitnion -G = August/Sept.} Document: Syll_362, an Athenian decree in honour of Poseidippus after an embassy to Cassander.
12 ROM {24 Sept. -R} The triumph of Fulvius, over the Samnites and Nequinates.
13 The Picentes report that the Samnites are about to start a rebellion.
14 >> Food shortages at Rome.
+Liv_10.11'9; { CAH_7.2'409.}

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