319 B.C. Olympiad 115.2

Consuls: L. Papirius Sp.f. Cursor (III), Q. Aulius Q.f. Cerretanus (II)
Athenian archon: Apollodorus

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1 EGY << Ptolemy marries Eurydice, the daughter of Antipater.
Paus_1.6'8; { Errington_p20; Anson_ix=321; Bennett.}
2 ASI << Antigonus sends Leonidas to lead some mutinous troops back to Macedonia.
Polyaen_4.6'6; { This happened during the winter before the defeat of Alcetas.}
3 CAP Eumenes is trapped and defeated by Antigonus at Orcynia.
* Read Plutarch's account
Diod_18.40'1-8, 53'4; Nepos_18.5'2-3; ~Plut:Eum_9'1-5; Just_14.2'1-2; Trog:Prol_14; Oros_3.23'24; { Anson_x.}
4 Eumenes secretly prevents his soldiers from attacking Antigonus' baggage.
* Read Plutarch's account
~Plut:Eum_9'6-12; Polyaen_4.8'5.
5 << The birth of Antigonus Gonatas, the son of Demetrius.
Lucian:Macr_11; [Euseb]:Chron_237; { OCD_a.}
5a AEG ?? Document: THI_153, a decree of Chios in honour of judges from Naxos and Andros.
6 GRE Document: SEG_16.60'A, an Athenian decree mentioning the return of captives.
6a << Document: IG_2³.4.467 (Syll_1088), the choregic monument of Nicias.
7 ?? Phocion tells Antipater, "You cannot use me both as a friend and as a flatterer".
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Agis_2'4, :Phoc_30'3, :Mor_64'C,(23)  142'B, 188'F, 532'F.
8 ?? Sayings of Demades, addressed to Phocion and others.
* Read Plutarch's account
Diod_10.9'1; Sen:Ben_6.38'1; Plut:Phoc_20'6-7, :Cleom_27'2, :Mor_126'D, 525'B-C, 803'A, 811'A; Gell_11.10'1, '6; Aelian:VH_14'10; { another saying of Demades has been preserved amongst the fables of Aesop.}
9 MAC ?? Antipater denounces Demades for his venality.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Phoc_1'1-3, :Mor_183'F, 525'C.
10 Demades is sent as an envoy to Macedonia, and is put to death together with his son Demeas by Cassander the son of Antipater.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_18.48'1-4; Plut:Phoc_30'8-10, :Dem_31'3-4, :Mor_820'F; Arrian:Fr_9'13-14; Suda_D'414, D'416; { CAH_7.1'493; OCD_demades.}
11 SIC Acestorides leaves Syracuse, and Sostratus becomes leader of the city.
12 ITA The consuls capture Satricum.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_9.16'1-10, 26.33'10; Oros_3.15'10; { CAH_7.2'661; the name of the other people conquered is uncertain.}
13 Eumenes withstands a siege by Antigonus at Nora.
* Read Plutarch's account
Diod_18.41'1-42'5, 53'4-5; Nepos_18.5'4-7; Strab_12'537;(2.6)  Frontin:Str_4.7'34; ~Plut:Eum_10'1-11'9; Just_14.2'3-4; Oros_3.23'24; { ~CAH_7.1'40; Anson_x.}
14 SIC << Agathocles captures Leontini with an army from Morgantina.
~Just_22.2'1-2; { ~CAH_7.1'388.}
15 Agathocles returns from exile with help from Hamilcar, and is appointed "plenipotentiary general".
* Read Justin's account
+MarmPar_B'12; Diod_19.5'4-6; Polyaen_5.3'7; Just_22.2'3-8; Trog:Prol_22; { CAH_7.1'388; Green_685.}
16 ROM {21 August -R} The triumph of Papirius Cursor, over the Samnites.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_9.15'10, 16'11-16; #FastTr_p96; [Vict]:VirIll_31'4; Eutrop_2.9'1.
17 ROM C.Sulpicius Longus is elected censor, but later resigns.
18 MAC The death of Antipater, who is succeeded as regent by Polyperchon.
* Read Diodorus' account
+MarmPar_B'12; ~FGrH_155.1'5, _255'11; +Diod_18.48'4-5; Curt_10.10'19;L  Plut:Phoc_31'1; Lucian:Macr_11; Suda_A'2703; { CAH_7.1'493; Errington_p21-22.}
19 GRE << The "floruit" of Demetrius Phalereus.
20 Nicanor is sent to Athens by Cassander and gains control of the fort at Munychia.
~Plut:Phoc_31'1-3; { Anson_x.}
21 LYC Alcetas commits suicide after being defeated in a surprise attack by Antigonus.
* Read Diodorus' account
+Diod_18.44'1-47'3, 19.16'1; Polyaen_4.6'7; { Anson_x.}
22 ASI Antigonus goes to Phrygia, where he hears about the death of Antipater.
23 EPI == The birth of Pyrrhus, son of Aeacides.
* Read Plutarch's account
~Plut:Pyrrh_3'5, 4'1; Just_17.3'17, '21; { CAH_7.1'106, 72'458; OCD_p.}
24 GRE == Document: Theophr:Char, Theophrastus' "Characters".

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