OGIS: 102


Greek text:   IG_12.3.466
Date:   c. 155 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription was partly inscribed over a previous inscription, which was printed by Dittenberger as OGIS_110; but the restoration of the obliterated text was inevitably conjectural. The other evidence for the career of Eirenaios has been re-evaluated by G.Renberg, "The Greek and Demotic Sources for the Career of Eirenaios, son of Nikias" ( ).

On behalf of Aristippos of Alexandria, the son of Theoxenos, one of the diadochoi, who was appointed to govern Thera, this altar was dedicated to king Ptolemaios and the other gods, on account of the noble conduct of Aristippos towards the soldiers and the city and the affairs of the king and on account of his piety toward the gods, by Eirenaios of Alexandria, the son of Nikias, the secretary of the soldiers and fighting men stationed at Crete and Thera and Arsinoē in the Peloponnese {Methana} and the steward {oikonomos} of the same places.

inscription 104

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