OGIS: 104


Greek text:   IDelos_1525
Date:   167-145 B.C.
Tags:     medical_care

Chrysermos was a member of a very influential family in Alexandria - see H.Mattingly in "Hellenistic Constructs", page 132 ( Google Books ). It is not surprising that he held a string of important posts in the city; but it is not clear exactly what his duties were in respect of doctors - see V.Nutton, "Ancient Medicine", page 154 ( Google Books ).   There is a French translation of the inscription, with comments and photographs, by Claire Tuan.

This statue of Chrysermos of Alexandria, the son of Herakleitos, the kinsman of king Ptolemaios and exegetes and supervisor of the doctors and director of the Mouseion, was dedicated to Apollo, Artemis and Leto by Areios of Athens, the son of Pamphilos, on account of Chrysermos' noble conduct towards him.

inscription 106

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