OGIS: 11


Greek text:   Priene_60   ( I.Priene 14 )
Date:   c. 285 B.C.
Tags:     arbitration ,   divine_honours
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King Lysimachos had intervened to protect Priene from an attack by the city of Magnesia supported by the local population, called Pedies; in return, Priene then established a cult of Lysimachos. The dispute with the Pedies is mentioned in another inscription from Priene, which is unfortunately very damaged ( RC_8 ).

For King [Lysimachos].

It was resolved by the people as recommended by [the generals]. [Since] king Lysimachus has in [times past always] exercised care [for the people of] Priene and since now he has sent troops [against the Magnesians] and the Pedies and has [saved the] city by land, be it resolved, to choose of all the citizens ten men who going to him shall deliver the decree and congratulate the king because he himself and his army are sound and because his other affairs are in a satisfactory shape, and who shall declare the good-will which the people continue to entertain toward king Lysimachus and shall crown him with a [gold] crown of 1000 staters; and the people shall erect [of the king] a bronze statue [in the agora and] shall erect beside it on the right . . . be it further resolved to erect an altar to him in the agora, and the priests and the priestesses of the city shall sacrifice on it every year, and all the citizens shall wear garlands, and the priests and the colleges of magistrates and all the citizens shall go in procession on the birthday of king Lysimachos, and the colleges of magistrates shall be assembled; the administrator shall give to the hieropoioi of the tribes, for the sacrifices, the same amount of money that is given for the Panathenaia, . . . and shall choose out of all the citizens . . . [men who shall provide] the sacrificial victims each year . . . [so that the people] may perform the sacrifice . . . in the country according to . . . shall [pray] and sacrifice to king [Lysimachos] . . .

inscription 14

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