OGIS: 130


Greek text:   OGIS_130
Date:   c. 143/2 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The basilistai probably had native Egyptian members as well as Greeks, and this is reflected in the dual names they gave to their gods: see F.W.Walbank, "The Hellenistic World", p.120 ( Google Books ).

On behalf of king Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra his sister, the gods Euergetai, and their children; Herodes of the deme of Berenike, the son of Demophon, the chief bodyguard and strategos, and the basilistai who meet in Setis the island of Dionysos, whose names are appended below, dedicated this inscribed stele and the money contributed for the sacrifices and libations that will be made at the assembly on the first nine days of each month and the other eponymous days in each month, to Chnoubis-Ammon and Satis-Hera and Anoukis-Hestia and Petempamentes-Dionysos and Petensetis-Kronos and Petensenis-Hermes, the great gods, and to the other divinities of the Cataract,   when Papios son of Ammonios was president and Dionysios son of Apollonios was priest of the assembly.

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