OGIS: 156


Greek text:   ABSA_56.29.78
Date:   c. 124 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

In this inscription Theodoros is given the unusual title autokrator, which is usually taken to mean that he took on additional powers during a period of instability. The civil war between Ptolemy VIII and Kleopatra II came to an end in the first half of 124 B.C.; see Chris Bennett, Cleopatra II, note 19.

This text has been formed by combining two fragments, which were printed separately by Dittenberger as OGIS_156 and OGIS_158.

This statue of Theodoros son of Seleukos, [the kinsman of the king] and general with full powers {autokrator} [and admiral and chief] priest of the island, was dedicated by the city of Salamis, [on account of his virtue the goodwill] that he continually has towards king [Ptolemaios and queen] Kleopatra the sister and [queen Kleopatra the wife], the gods Euergetai, and [their] children, [and his kindness towards the city, also] on account of his righteousness [towards all men].

inscription 157

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