OGIS: 179


Greek text:   IFayoum_1.71
Date:   95 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription is similar to the donation made in OGIS_177. The donations could be regarded as religious contributions towards the daily meal of the god; see W.Clarysse in "A Companion to Ancient Egypt", page 283 ( ).

On behalf of king Ptolemaios, also called Alexandros, the god Philometor, and of Lysanias the kinsman and strategos and overseer of the revenues of the Arsinoite nome; in the 20th year, on the 7th day of Hathyr, when Aniketos was steward of the corn revenues in the division of Herakleides, it was arranged to give as first-fruits from Aniketos and from those do who business under him in the stewardship throughout the division, to the temple of the very great god Soknopaios, 182½ artabas of wheat each year, so that there will be ½ an artaba of wheat for each day of the year; those who take over his role in future shall measure out a similar amount of wheat for the temple, taking hold of the record of each man's contribution deposited by Aniketos in the temple.

inscription 182

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