OGIS: 182


Greek text:   HermMagn_6 
Date:    78 B.C.
Tags:     mercenaries+garrisons
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This and the connected inscription, HermMagn_5 ( Greek text ), contain a remarkable mixture of Semitic and Greek personal names; see C.Fischer-Bovet, "The Ptolemaic Army", p. 13 ( ), and "Army and Society in Ptolemaic Egypt", p. 292 ( Google Books ).

[A]  On behalf of king Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra, also called Tryphaina, the gods Philopatores and Philadelphoi, the Apolloniate mercenaries who keep guard in Hermoupolis and the founders who live as fellow-citizens, whose names are written below, dedicated the temple and the precinct and all its appurtenances to Apollo and Zeus and the gods who dwell with them.   Year 3, Tubi 16. With good fortune.

4.   Zopyros son of Protarchos, commander
...kleides son of  Zabdes, leader of rearguard
. . . son of Sotion, standard-bearer
. . . son of Zenon, fifty-leader
10 . . . son of Lysas, fifty-leader 
. . . son of Python, fifty-leader
Noumenios son of Akamas,  fifty-leader
...ton son of Nikolaos
[Ni]kas son of Ithouboun
...untos son of Apollonios
[Para]lemptes son of Kleonymos
...kas son of Alexandros
Apeis son of Philagros
20 ...on son of Korramos
Argaios son of Philotas
[Sa]rapion son of Didymos
[Se]rappion son of Magos
Asterion son of Apollonios
[Zab]des son of Abdokosos
...os son of Laagos
...on son of Zenon
. . .  son of Aristodemos
Diomedes son of Apollophanes
30 Lysimachos son of Antigonos
Apollos son of Diogenes
Didymos son of Baanathanos
Apollonios son of Baliabos
Zabdion son of Philoxenos
Ithouboun son of Philagros
Abdokos son of Apollonios
Aristeipos son of Ammonios
Apollophanes son of Apollonios
Theodotos son of Eliados
40 Apollodotos, singer in the temple
Eukrates son of Python
Herakleides son of Zabdados
Bannion son of Herakleidos
Heras son of Orion
Nikias son of Pythodoros
Kronidas son of Apollonios
Protas son of Protarchos
Lathinas son of Alexandros
Herakleides son of Dionysios
50 Philippion son of Damasios
Hierax son of Diomedes
Heras Eptais
Lakitas son of Seleukos
Achilleus son of Amonios
Diogenes son of Diogenes
Didymos son of Herakles
Demokrates son of Nikon
Zosimos son of Archagathos
Abdes son of . . .
60 Praxias son of Nikarchos
Hermodoros son of Apollonios
Soterides son of Apollonios
Zenion son of Noumenios
Archon son of Aristonikos
Angion son of Chrysippos
Didymos son of Herakleides
Philotas son of Philotas
Nikanor son of Antipatros
Bargos son of Apollonios
70 Dikaios son of Demetrios
Kriton son of Kriton
Dionysios son of Amphion
...onios son of Epikles
Diokleas son of Nikios
Phanias son of Phanias
Kallikrates son of  Kallikrites
76a Phaon son of Noumenios
Herald of the unit : Hermolaos son of Apollonios, the chief priest
Nikanor son of Apollonios
Protarchos son of Menodoros
Argaios son of Menneos
Apollophanes son of Menneos
Masyllos son of Masyllos
Abdokos son of Apollonios
Epimachos son of Apollonios
Anousion son of Masyllos
Ptolemaios son of Dr...
Noumenios . . . 
Apollodotos . . .
* * * 

5.   Herakleides son of Apollonios, one of the first friends and commander and leader of the guard
Apollonios son of Kleon, leader of rearguard
80 Apollonios son of Nikias,  standard-bearer
Maisaizabas son of Menandros, fifty-leader
Herakleon   son of Ptolemaios, fifty-leader
Kosakabos son of  Apollodotos, fifty-leader
Apollos son of Apollonios, fifty-leader
Pammenes son of Pammenes
Diokles son of Hellanikos
Ptolemaios son of Hermon
Kainion son of Kosakabos
Apollos son of Dionysios
90 Neoptolemos son of Nikanor
Achilleus son of Dionysios
Strobilos son of Apollonios
Chelkias son of Dionysios
Leon son of Odidelos
Demas son of Aithibelos
Ammonios son of Xenon
Zenion son of Zenon
Hermias son of Diodoros
Papos son of Nymphodoros
100 Apollonios son of Apollonios
Apollonios son of Serapion
Osbis son of Serapion
Apollonios son of Apollonios
Apollonios son of Apollodoros
Timokrates son of Timokratos
Ptolemaios son of Serapion
Klesippos son of Sitalkes
Antiochos son of Dionysios
Hermolaos son of Hermolaos
110 Soter son of Apollonios
Epichares son of Drakon
Angion son of Synmachos
Boulos son of Boulos
Athenion son of Isidoros
Hermias son of Iliophon
Hermias son of Apollodoros
Athenadas son of Apollonios
Asklas son of Spasinos
Nikaios son of Apollonios
120 Anoubion son of Alexandros
Apeis son of Neon
Nikias son of Serapion
Dioskourides son of Sostratos
Antiochos son of Gorgias
Paes son of Zoilos
Kaleis son of Tryphon
Archibios son of Archibios
Noumenios son of Timokrates
Milichos son of Argaios
130 Theon son of Komanos
Isidoros son of Isidoros
Thrakidas son of Antipatros
Demetrios son of Moles
Chairemon son of Apollonios
Heliodoros son of Osbarakos
Dionys son of Drakon
Aristogenes son of Alexandros
Serapion son of Nikades
Sokrates son of Philon
140 Gorgias son of Dionysios
Artemis son of Artemidoros
Kleon son of Apollonios
Alexandros son of Alexandros
Aspidas son of Apollonios
Meliton son of Philoxenis
* * * 

6.   Telauges son of Nikomachos, commander
Thrakidas son of Rhabelos, leader of rearguard
150 Isidoros son of Alexandros, standard-bearer
Demetrios son of Apollonios, fifty-leader
Theophilos son of Apollonios, fifty-leader
Isidotos son of Gaios, fifty-leader
Zosimos son of Zosimos, fifty-leader
Alexandros son of Alexandros, adjutant
Gaios son of Alexandros
Ptolemaios son of Antiochos
Demetrios son of Alexandros
Protogenes son of Demetrios
160 Zosimos son of Taos
Zosimos son of Akamas
Akamas son of Diokles
Kotys son of Kotys
Ptolemaios son of Athenodoros
Gaios son of Isidotos
Posidonios son of Aristodemos
Kephalas son of Kephalon
Didymos son of Sosibios
Telauges son of Agiadas
170 Theodoros son of Euboulos
Demetrios son of Demetrios
Ptolemaios son of Ptolemaios
Hermias son of Didymos
Herakleides son of Nathinas
Nikolaos son of Nikolaos
Apollonios son of Demetrios
Dionysios son of Ktesibios
Hermophilos son of Dioskouridos
Milichos son of Barakos
180 Dios son of Dios
Philon son of Nathinas
Apollonios son of Malichos
Aristodemos son of Adymos
Lykophron son of Apollonios
Nikolaos son of Nikolaos
Agiades son of Aristodemos
Hermias son of Artemidoros
Isidotos son of Isidotos
Philippos son of Demetrios
190 Nikolaos son of Nikolaos
Achilles son of Ammonios
Zenon son of Makedon
Ptolemaios son of Ptolemaios
Theodoros son of Theodoros
Lakitas son of Eirenaios
Herakleides son of Apion
Azelos son of Agathon
Gaios son of Apollonios
Apollonios son of Glaukias
200 Diogenes son of Xenarchos
Diodotos son of Gennaios
Hermias son of Harachthos
Apollonides son of Apollonides
Lathinas son of Herakleides
Athenaios son of Philon
Hermias son of Philon
Ariston son of Dorion
Demetrios son of Apollonios
Oryntas son of Apollophanes
210 Miltiades son of Miltiades
Philammon son of Alexandros
Nestor son of Nestor
Apion son of Ptolemaios
Apollodoros son of Kastor
Demetrios son of Kallin...
Demetrios son of Alex...
* * *  

inscription 184

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