OGIS: 270


Greek text:   IC_2.3.4C
Date:   first half of 2nd century B.C.
Tags:     leagues
Format:   see key to translations

Dittenberger assigned this decree to the reign of Attalos I, who is known to have made treaties with Malla and other Cretan cities ( see THI_100 ); but other scholars have dated it to early in the reign of Attalos II.

It was resolved by [the] council and the people, [as proposed by] . . . : since king Attalos, [who is] our friend [through] his ancestors, has forethought for the league [of the Cretans] and individually for the city of Aptara, and shows every kindness to those of the citizens who visit him; therefore it is resolved by the council and the people to crown king Attalos with a full bronze statue, either on foot or on horseback, as he wishes; and if he chooses, the award of the crown shall be announced at one of the games with a prize of crowns, and the kosmoi shall take care of the announcement; he shall be granted privileged seating and inviolability and freedom from taxes and security both in war and in peacetime, both in the city and in its harbours, and the right to collect mercenaries and to lie at anchor, both for himself and for his descendants, and the other privileges that are granted to other benefactors.

inscription 273

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