OGIS: 309


Greek text:   Teos_45
Date:   c. 166-159 B.C.
Tags:     divine_honours
Format:   see key to translations

Although the royal family of the Attalids often received god-like honours in the cities of their kingdom, they were not given the title 'god' or 'goddess' until after their death; therefore this cult of Apollonis at Teos must have started after her death.   Apollonis was still alive during the reign of her son Eumenes II ( Polyb_22.20 ), but the exact date of her death is unknown.

. . . displaying and those in the Dionysion . . . on the day; the [(?) sacred and the public] magistrates shall assemble, both those in the city and those in the countryside; and there shall be a truce [between everyone on] this day; the priest of [Aphrodite] and the goddess Apollonis Eusebes, and the priestess of Apollonis and queen Stratonike shall take care of the sacrifices, along with the president and the hieropoioi and the other magistrates; and after the prayers and the libations and the sacrifices have been completed, the free-born boys shall sing an altar hymn; and the maidens chosen by the supervisor of education shall perform a dance and sing a hymn. In future, the timouchoi and generals in office each year shall see to it that the altar hymn is sung by the boys, and the hymn is sung by the maidens, and the dance is performed . . .; and in addition to the other honours voted to the goddess Apollonis, [an altar] of the goddess Apollonis Eusebes Apobateria shall be [established in the] most prominent place in [(?) the agora], and a sacrifice shall be performed on it . . .

inscription 310

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