OGIS: 42


Greek text:   SEG_33.671
Date: c. 240 B.C.
Tags:     medical_care
Format:   see key to translations

It is likely that this Kaphisophon is the same as the influential physician mentioned in an Egyption papyrus of 240 B.C. ( PMich_1.55 ) - see, for instance, P.Lang, "Medicine and Society in Ptolemaic Egypt", page 225 ( Google Books ).   There is another English translation by I.Rutherford, "State Pilgrims and Sacred Observers in Ancient Greece", p. 413 no. D11 ( 2013 - not available online ).

[Since Kaphisophon son of Philippos, while staying with king Ptolemaios, has continually] caused [some good for his] homeland, [both publicly and privately] for every individual, and has missed no [opportunity] to ensure that the city lacks nothing useful; concerning which king Ptolemaios wrote in a letter concerning him, [which] he sent to the people concerning the sacrifice, which the people dispatched Kaphisophon and the other theoroi to bring for Asklepios and the other gods, making it clear that Kaphisophon was worthy of his mission on account of his reputation and his attainments in the [traditional profession] of his homeland {medicine} . . .

inscription 43

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