OGIS: 43


Greek text:   IscrKos_ED.129
Date:   c. 280 B.C.
Tags:     foreign_judges

This inscription was found in Kos, where a copy of the decree had been set up. Bakchon, who is mentioned in the decree, is known to have been nesiarch in the period 290-280 B.C.: the remit of this official is described by R.S.Bagnall in "The Administration of the Ptolemaic Possessions Outside Egypt", pages 156-157 ( Google Books ).

Translated with a commentary by C.V.Crowther, "Koan decrees for foreign judges", pp.257-266 ( Chiron, 1999 - Google Books ).

[A]   . . . in accordance with the instructions of king Ptolemaios and the . . . asked for judges and conciliators to judge concerning the disputed contract cases, and the city of the [Koans] sent good and excellent men [who on their] arrival among us, concerning both the registered disputes and the other [affairs that were entrusted] to them for settlement by the city, reconciled advantageously the majority of the disputants by [inviting] them repeatedly before them, while they gave verdicts for the others with all justice, and as they had spent [much] time [because of the number] of the judgements and the [judges] wished to [go back] to their homes, [our] people [invited] them together with Bakchon [(?) the nesiarch] to stay [in the city] and to [assist] the Naxians by carrying to [a conclusion] the remaining [matters entrusted to] them, and they wishing to oblige [us in these matters] as well displayed [every ambition and] zeal [so that] . . .

[B]   . . . [to praise the city of the Koans for] being [. . . and for the] settlement [of the contract] cases [. . . for the sake] of friendship [towards king] Ptolemaios . . . and to crown [it with a gold] crown of the value set by the law [because of it] keenness and goodwill towards the people [of the Naxians]; and, since everything has been completed in accordance with the [vows] previously made, to give [thanks to the] gods when the council and the people vote [and to sacrifice] to Ptolemaios Soter a full-grown victim; [and to praise] also the judges, Xanthippos [son of . . .], (?) Kallippides son of Phokion, Philistos son of Aretaphanes, Nasiotas son of Nasiotas, Deinarchos son of Timaithos; and to [crown] each of them with a gold crown [of the value set] by the law, and the secretary of the council shall announce the crown in the theatre at the tragic contest of the great Dionysia, to the effect that "the people of the Naxians crowns with a gold crown both the people of the Koans [and] the judges of the Koans for their virtue and goodwill and justice", announcing the name of each of them along with their father's name; and they shall be proxenoi and benefactors of [the] people of the Naxians both [the judges] themselves and the descendants of these men; they are to have precedence in access [to] the council and the people [after] religious matters; they are to have inviolability from seizure, and peace [in] wartime, and seats of honour at the [games] which [the people] conducts. Concerning citizenship, in order that [it may be granted to them], the generals shall bring [forward] a proposal in accordance with the [laws at the] times specified by the laws. The [treasurers] in office with Euphanes and Mneseas shall give to each of the [judges] a thousand drachmas, [for] the crown and the sacrifice and [for hospitality and for] their return home. [In order that also the goodwill of the people] of the Koans towards the people of the Naxians may be commemorated, the generals in office with Dionnes and the secretary of the [council] shall take care that this decree is inscribed on a [stone] stele [and set up] in the sanctuary of [Delian] Apollo; [and money for the inscription] shall be provided [by the treasurers].  

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