OGIS: 44


Greek text:   IG_12.3.320
Date:   c. 266-260 B.C.
Tags:     foreign_judges
Format:   see key to translations

Patroklos was the commander of the Ptolemaic fleet during the Chremonidean War. Although the context of this inscription is the visit of judges from Ioulis, Patroklos may have appointed Apollodotos to be governor - perhaps the first Ptolemaic governor - of Thera; see the thorough discussion by H.Hauben in "The Ptolemies, the Sea and the Nile", pp.56-59 ( Google Books ).

. . . a proclamation [that the people] of Thera crowns Patroklos [son of Patron] with a golden crown of [two thousand] drachmas on account of both his virtue and the [goodwill] that he has continually shown both in previous times and now by sending Apollodotos as overseer {epistates} and as [judges] from Ioulis . . . Timostratos, Phrasikydes, Somenes and Kallidamos, who on their arrival in Thera have resolved some of the disputes and adjudged others in a manner beneficial to everyone (!) on their arrival in Thera. The appointed envoy shall [forthwith] carry this decree and the crown [to Ioulis], and the treasurers shall inscribe [this decree] . . .

inscription 45

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