OGIS: 442


Greek text:   Tabai_2
Date:    81/80 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The little city of Tabai in Caria supported Rome during the First Mithridatic War, and received rewards from Sulla, which were formally confirmed after he returned to Rome; see F.Santangelo, "Sulla, the Elites and the Empire", p. 53 ( Google Books ).

Another, slightly different translation is provided by ARS_67 ( Google Books ).

. . . [ since the citizens of Tabai ] most bravely confronted [the commanders and forces of King Mithridates on behalf of Asia and] Greece, [it pleases the] senate and people [of Rome] that they shall have and shall continue to have [all] the best rewards; and [their loyalty towards] the senate and people of Rome shall be remembered and shall continue to be remembered; and they shall have whatever [villages] were granted [to them] on account of their virtue and as a mark of honour by Lucius C[ornelius] Sulla imperator with the agreement of his advisors, so that [the villages] may be [subject] to their laws and decisions, and so that they may fortify the place called Thyessos, which is inside their [borders], if they so wish; [and the] senate and people of Rome shall determine these matters in a fine and [fitting] manner that is worthy of themselves, and it shall be granted . . . 

inscription 443

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