OGIS: 449 & 450


Greek text:   IvP_2.413 ,   AvAegae_47
Date:    46-44 B.C.  
Tags:     democracy ,   saviours
Format:   see key to translations

No details are recorded of exactly what Servilius Isauricus did to restore democracy to Pergamon, but it is clear that he gained a good reputation with the inhabitants of Asia Minor when he was proconsul of the province.   Remarkably, he was commemorated by a cult in Ephesos, which lasted until at least the end of the first century A.D., supervised by a 'priest of Rome and Servilius Isauricus' (Greek text: Ephesos_1341 = I.Eph._3066 ); see S.J. Friesen, "Twice Neokoros: Ephesus, Asia, and the Cult of the Flavian Imperial Family", pp.9-10 ( Google Books ).

[449]   The people { of Pergamon } honoured Publius Servilius Isauricus, son of Publius, the proconsul, who has been the saviour and benefactor of the city, and has given back to the city its ancestral laws and its unenslaved democracy.

[450]   The people {of Aigai} dedicated this thank-offering to Apollo Chrēstērios after being saved by Publius Servilius Isauricus, son of Publius, the proconsul.

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