OGIS: 48


Greek text:   OGIS_48
Date:   278 or 239 B.C.

The city of Ptolemais was founded by Ptolemy I, specifically to provide a Greek presence in Upper Egypt. This inscription shows that the city had all the attributes of a typical Greek city, including serious political disputes.

It was resolved by the council and the people {of Ptolemais}, as proposed by Hermas son of Dorkon, of the Megisteus deme, since Dionysios son of Mousaios and the other prytaneis in the eighth year, namely:

have governed the city in a fine and worthy manner; and observing that some of the citizens were behaving badly, and were causing exceptional trouble in the councils and assemblies, and especially in the elections, proceeding [as far as violence and] impiety, the prytaneis acted against this wrong-doing, [and punished them with] the penalties prescribed by law; as a result of which it happened that the city became [more orderly; and then] they voted that the council [and the] judges [should be chosen] from selected men; the younger men were provoked by this, but the other citizens, the ones who were selected, [thought] that the state would be better governed, and concerning those matters, which they supposed should be corrected for the benefit of the city . . .

inscription 49

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