OGIS: 51


Greek text:   OGIS_51
Date:   c. 269-246 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription provides the fullest surviving list of the members belonging to a branch of the Dionysiac Artists. There is a brief analysis of the list by Brigitte Le Guen in "The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Comedy", page 363 ( Google Books ).

It was resolved by the artists of Dionysos and the Gods Philadelphoi, since Lysimachos of the Sostrateus deme, the son of Ptolemaios, who is hipparch and prytanis for life, has previously demonstrated his goodwill towards the king and the king's parents, and has demonstrated it even more now in many ways; and is piously and devoutly inclined towards Dionysos and the other gods; and has served the artists generously in all matters, and has assisted each of them individually and all of them in common, keenly and zealously committing himself to join in advancing the theatrical profession; and it is good to reward such distinguished men with fitting rewards; therefore it is resolved by the guild of artists of Dionysos, whose names are subscribed, to crown Lysimachos with a traditional wreath of ivy, on the 11th day of the month of Peritios at the Dionysia, on account of his virtue and his piety towards king Ptolemaios and Dionysos and the other gods, and his goodwill towards the king and his parents and his goodwill towards the artists, with good fortune. A painting of his shall be set up in the porch of the prytaneion. Demarchos, the secretary of the guild, shall inscribe this decree on a stele [and] set it up in front of the temple of Dionysos; and the steward Sosibios shall give the money for the cost of it.

inscription 52

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