OGIS: 737


Greek text:   OGIS_737
Date:   112/1 B.C.
Tags:     buildings
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Jewish and Idumaean communities in Egypt were often formed into associations called politeumata, although the exact nature of these associations is still debated by scholars: see SelPap_2.273A, and S.Honigman, "Politeumata and Ethnicity in Ptolemaic Egypt" ( ).

In the sixth year; at the assembly of the association {politeuma} and the Idumaeans from the city, which was held in the upper Apollonieion. Since Dorion, the kinsman of the king and strategos and priest of the sabre-bearers {machairophoroi}, has been seen to act as a benefactor in many matters, both publicly and to each person individually, and being piously disposed towards the divinity he has with much profuse expense completed the plastering and whitening of the indicated temple, as is manifest to all; therefore it is resolved that he shall retain the other honours that he has for his whole life; and at the regularly occurring sacrifices, the award of a palm branch shall be announced, as is our ancestral custom; and the priests and the temple singers shall be instructed to mention him in the hymns; and he shall be crowned with a splendid crown throughout the banquets of the association. This decree shall be inscribed on a stone stele and set up in the most prominent place in the temple, and a copy of it shall be transmitted to Dorion, so that he may be aware of the city's grateful response to him.

inscription 739

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