OGIS: 739


Greek text:   OGIS_739 
Date:    112/11 B.C.
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According to the standard interpretation of Egyptian royal titles during this period, 'the goddess Euergetis, also called Philimetor Soteira' was the title given to Kleopatra III after the death of her mother Kleopatra II in 116/5 B.C.; see C.Bennett, Cleopatra II, n. 22.

In the reign of Kleopatra and Ptolemaios, the gods Philomētores  Sōtēres, in the sixth year, Phaophi . . . ; when Artemidoros son of Sotion was priest of Alexandros and the gods Soteres and the gods Adelphoi and the gods Euergetai and the gods Philopatores and the gods Epiphaneis and the god Eupator and the god Philometor and the god Neos Philopator and the god Euergetes and the goddess Euergetis, also called Philimetor Soteira; and Krateros son of Krateros was 'sacred foal' {hieros  pōlos} of the very great goddess Isis, the mother of the gods; and Dem. . . was athlophoros of Berenike Euergetis; and Phila... was kanephoros of Arsinoē Philadelphos; and Charmi... daughter of . . . was priestess of Arsinoē Philopator; . . .   

inscription 740

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