OGIS: 762


Greek text:   OGIS_762 , EAnat_43(2010).p131
Date:   c. 200-150 B.C.
Tags:     saviours ,   treaties-kings
Format:   see key to translations

It seems likely that inscription B, which was found at Boubon, is related to the formation of a "tetrapolis" (consisting of Oinoanda, Balboura, Boubon and Kibyra) in Lycia, after the Romans removed the area from Rhodian control in 167 B.C.; and that Kibyra on its own had previously agreed a "treaty of goodwill and alliance with the Romans", part of which is preserved in inscription A. The translation of B is based on the translation by N.P.Milner, but adapted to reflect amendments to the text suggested by R.M.Errington.

[A]   . . . to [remain] with the [people] of Rome. And if anyone starts a war against the people of Rome or transgresses the treaty, then the people of Kibyra shall appropriately come to the aid of the Romans, as far as the people of Kibyra is able under the terms of this treaty and its oaths. If the people of Rome and the people of Kibyra jointly wish to add anything to or remove anything from this treaty, it shall be possible though the joint wish and public approval of both sides. Anything that they add to the treaty shall be included in the treaty, and anything that they remove from the treaty shall be excluded from the treaty. This treaty shall be engraved on bronze tablets and set up in the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus in Rome and on the base of the golden statue of Rome that has been voted for in [Kibyra].

[B]   . . . [the Termessians at] Oinoanda, [or their territories(?)] ... coming [to the aid] of their [commonwealth ; striving] by word, and deeds, and with arms; abating none of [their zeal and spirit], to the best of [their] ability; preserving the treaty of goodwill and alliance with the Romans, [their common saviours] and benefactors; doing [nothing] contrary to their decrees. [The] three cities being reconciled [shall swear], over [new-burnt . . . ] victims, the [oath] written below . . .

inscription 764

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