OGIS: 773


Greek text:   IG_12.5.1004
Date:   c. 286 B.C.
Tags:     slaves
Format:   see key to translations

Zenon was an officer in the Ptolemaic navy, who was also honoured in an Athenian decree ( Syll_367 ): see the comments of Andrew Meadows in "The Ptolemies, the Sea and the Nile", p.26 ( Google Books ).

As proposed by Archagathos; the presidents Sokrates, Aischron, Stesitimos and Posideios put it to the vote; since Zenon, who was left here by Bakchon the nesiarch {"governor of the islands"}, when he was approached by the envoys, sent by the people sent concerning the slaves who had escaped from Ios on the undecked ships, summoned the trierarchs and after examining them restored the slaves, in a wholly honourable manner; therefore it is resolved by the council and the people to praise Zenon on account of his virtue and the goodwill that he has towards the people of Ios; he shall have the status of proxenos and benefactor of the people of Ios, both for himself and for his descendants, along with the existing proxenoi; he shall have access to the council and the people, if he has need of anything, second only to sacred matters; Autonomos and the other generals shall send him gifts of hospitality, amounting to 50 drachmas; and Kleonothos and the other tax receivers shall provide the cost of this from the revenues that are available to them. This decree shall be inscribed in the temple of Pythian Apollo; Chartades and the other archons shall take care of the inscription, and they shall provide the cost of the inscription from the revenues that are available to them.

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