OGIS: 86


Greek text:   OGIS_86
Date:   c. 210-204 B.C.
Tags:     elephants

It is not known where this inscription was found; but Charimortos, who is mentioned in the inscription, is known from Strabo { 16.774 } to have explored the coast of Ethiopia down towards the Horn of Africa.

On behalf of king Ptolemaios and queen Arsinoē and their son Ptolemaios, the gods Philopatores, the offspring of Ptolemaios and Berenike the gods Euergetai, this was dedicated to Ares Nikephoros {"victory-bringing"} Euagros {"of the successful hunt"} by Alexandros of Oroanda, the son of Syndaios, who was sent as successor to the strategos Charimortos for the hunting of elephants, and by Apoasis of Etenna, the son of Miorbollos, the commander and the soldiers serving under him.

inscription 90

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