Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 106


Greek text:   IC_1.16.1
Provenance:     Lato , Crete
Date:   c. 219-216 B.C.
Tags:     treaties-cities
Format:   see key to translations

This treaty has been analysed by S.Craven, "Koinodikion: A Study of Judicial Process as a Diplomatic Tool in Hellenistic Crete", pp.51-57 ( PDF ); and the translation is adapted from her Appendix 6. There is a German translation and commentary by A.Chaniotis, "Die Verträge zwischen kretischen Poleis in der hellenistischen Zeit", pp.225-231 ( Google Books ).

Gods.   [This] has been agreed upon by the Gortynians and the Latoans [while] Euryanax [son of . . .] and his colleagues were kosmoi [at Gortyn], and Homaros [son of . . . and his colleagues were kosmoi at Lato;] they shall make the libations [and] perpetual [peace] and have mutual jurisdiction [between each other]. They shall obtain and return the agreed public property [immediately], but they shall [make an] assessment of the disputed property. If someone should be wronged, 10 the one wronged shall choose the [judges] . . . whomever he prefers, the Gortynian [at Lato, and the Latoan] at Gortyn; the chosen [judges shall judge the case], the Gortynian judges [at Lato, the] Latoan [judges at Gortyn within two] months; [but if] the chosen judges [do not judge the case], the kosmos shall exact from [(?) each judge a fine of] ... staters; the kosmos [shall exact a fine from] the losing party [in the judgment] within thirty [days from their conviction and] shall hand over to the winner . . . 20 which should be ordered . . . the success in law . . .; [but if they do not] exact a fine, [they shall pay]. . . [for] the winner or . . . himself and his [private property] . . . [if he should not] exact a fine, [he shall be] liable [to (?) double the fine] . . . the (?) chosen judges . . . [the wronged person shall report] to the kosmos, during in the tenure of the current kosmoi , 30 which judges he has chosen. If a kosmos does not act according to the what is prescribed in the laws, then each kosmos shall pay 200 silver staters to the public prosecutor {titas}; whoever is willing to bring a prosecution shall keep half of the fine, and the other half shall go to the city. We shall use the financial penalties prescribed in the ordinance {diagramma} of the Cretans for each offence. The neighbouring peoples {hypoboikoi} shall undergo trial in the same way as the Latoans at Gortyn. 40 Each city shall inscribe [the] written stipulations in their prytaneion.

inscription 107

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