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Greek text:   Miletos_36   ( I.Milet 3.141 )
Provenance:     Miletos , Ionia
Date:   c. 228 B.C.
Tags:     colonies ,   isopoliteia
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Kios, a Greek city in Bithynia, was a colony of Miletos. This inscription shows that it retained close links with Miletos, sharing both in religious matters and in citizenship, through isopoliteia. But this relationship imposed some obligations on Kios, even in wartime; see A.Chaniotis, "War in the Hellenistic World", page 122 ( Google Books ).   The war that is mentioned in the inscription was probably the war between Attalos and the Galatians; the local king, Ziailas, became involved in this war and was murdered by the Galatians in about 230 B.C.

Recommendation of the appointed councillors:

As they proposed: since the Kianians, who are colonists of our city and have maintained their friendship towards our people, have sent the hieropoioi Nikandros and Philippides bearing a decree, 10 in which they describe the wars that have oppressed their territory and the expenses arising from these wars; and they request that they may be released from delivering the bowls that they owe to the god, as many as possible; and the hieropoioi who came from the Kianians have spoken about these matters in accordance with what is written in the decree, and have explained the marks of kinship and the privileges given in Kios both publicly to the city of Miletos and privately to those Milesians who come there; and they made mention of the citizenship, that should be given to Kianians at Miletos; and since it is fitting that the people, which as the founder of the colony 20 shows goodwill towards its kinsmen on every occasion, should not cease to do what is right, but should take fitting care of its colonists; therefore the Milesians have voted to reply to the Kianians concerning the bowls, which they have asked to be released from delivering, that if it had not happened that we ourselves were afflicted by the wars and by the dearth that has gripped the land, then it would still have been impossible for the people to allow them to be released from delivering the offerings to the god, because the law about such things forbids it, but the people would have done everything possible to comply with what the Kianians requested concerning these matters; 30 and now it is granted to them that they may deliver the bowls that they owe when the time seems right to them. For the future, the people thinks that the offerings to the gods should remain as agreed by our ancestors. Citizenship shall be given to the Kianians, as the hieropoioi mentioned, so that the people may be seen even more to retain their kinship with the Kianians and to act in accordance with the policy of their ancestors. The prytaneis shall take care that the privileges agreed by the people should be granted to those Kianians who choose to share in our citizenship; and the prytaneis shall allot them to tribes, if the Kianians testify in a decree 40 that they are their citizens. The people requests that the Kianians, recalling these privileges given to them, should retain their piety towards the god and should enhance their kinship with us even more, in accordance with the policy of their ancestors. For in that way they will be even more sure to receive every kindness from the people, and in no way will they be left lacking what is advantageous to them, just as happened in previous times. This decree shall be inscribed on a stone stele and set up in the temple of Apollo Delphinios; the wall-builders {teichopoioi} and the director of works shall take care of the preparation of the stele and the inscribing of the decree. 50 Those who have been appointed to manage the public bank shall provide money for the expense of these things from the the funds that are available to them for building walls; and the hieropoioi shall be invited to dinner at the prytaneion. It was resolved by the people that this decree shall be inscribed on a whitened board.

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