Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 109


Greek text:   JÖAI_8(1905).276
Provenance:     Hyettos , Boeotia
Date:   c. 150 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The Greek text of this inscription has been reproduced with a French translation by A.Bielman, "Retour à la liberté", pp. 174-177 ( cefael ). Because the circumstances described by the inscription are somewhat unusual, it is difficult to tell whether it refers to an external attack on the community, or a purely local disturbance; if the former, it has been suggested that the trouble was caused by soldiers from the Achaean army that besieged Heracleia in 146 B.C.   Adapted from the translation by A.Chaniotis, in "Sécurité Collective Et Ordre Public Dans Les Sociétés Anciennes", pp.117-9 ( Google Books ); see also C.Woolff, "L'enlèvement de Charité (Apulée, Métamorphoses) et les témoignages épigraphiques", pp.255-6 ( Persée ).

It was resolved by the council and the people, [concerning the guarding] of the city. Since great deeds of injustice occur in the countryside, because, due to the arrival of [a crowd] which has come with the purpose of stealing and seizing the property of others, [farms] are devastated, and murders take place as well of seizures of men and animals; and since in such [difficult times] it is necessary that mostly those men offer resistance who are in a position to help the city and recover what was lost and watch and hinder those who commit the deeds of injustice; and Polemarchos son of Dicaiarchos and Hagias son of Polemarchos, both citizens of Hypata, who are men of extreme [goodwill] towards our [city] and provide great assistance to any [of our] citizens encountering them, have investigated [concerning the] seized persons and property and have restored them [by their] own exertions; therefore, in order that the citizens of Hyettos may be seen to honour [good] men and render thanks [for their] goodwill and . . . their zeal . . ., [it is resolved] by the people [to praise] Polemarchos [and] Hagias . . .

inscription 110

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