Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 116


Greek text:   ClaraRhod_2.172
Provenance:     Telmessos , Lycia
Date:   184 B.C.
Tags:       saviours
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From about 186 to 183 B.C. Eumenes was involved in a local war against the Galatians led by Ortagion; see R.M.Errington, "A History of the Hellenistic World", pp.225-227 ( Google Books ). The city of Telmessos dutifully celebrated his successes in this decree. The translation is copied from P.Thonemann, "The Attalid State, 188-133 BC", page 36 ( ).

When Eumenes Soter [was king], year 14, ...oros [was priest], on the second day of the month Audnaios, at a sovereign [assembly], it was resolved by the city and magistrates of the Telmessians, ...oros, Daparas and Hermophantos: Since king Eumenes, [our] benefactor and saviour, who has taken on the war not only on behalf of those under his command but also on behalf of the others dwelling in Asia, and has endured the danger, 10 calling on the [gods] for aid and fighting against Prousias and Ortiagon and the Galatians and their allies - since he has now won a glorious and splendid victory, just as we pray for from the gods, with good fortune, it is resolved by the city and the magistrates: given the good things that have occurred, the priests and priestesses shall open all the temples and pray that victory and power should be given to king Eumenes both by land and sea in the future too, 20 and also to his mother queen Apollonis and his brothers; and the citizens and all the others shall wear wreaths, and having sacrificed in gratitude to the gods they shall hold a banquet in the [(?) assembly], and in future the magistrates shall sacrifice every month on the day preceding that of the king's victory to Zeus Genethlios and Athena [Nikephoros, to whom king Eumenes and the people of Pergamon] consecrated a grove and [precinct] 30 . . .

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