Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 128


Greek text:   IThesp_62
Provenance:     Thespiai , Boeotia
Date:   c. 210-205 B.C.
Tags:     land_ownership
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription sheds light on various topics - the local history of Thespiai, the connections between the Egyptian kings and the Greek mainland, and more generally the economy of Hellenistic states - but the text is fragmentary and difficult to translate. Fortunately, J.D.Sosin has clarified some of the difficult passages in "A Missing Woman: the Hellenistic Leases from Thespiae Revisited" ( PDF ). There is also a French translation and commentary by I.Pernin, in "Economies et sociétés en Grèce classique et hellénistique", pp. 63-67 ( Google Books ).

Gods.   When [(?) Philon] was archon, king Ptolemaios, son of king Ptolemaios, and queen Arsinoē [jointly sent 25,000] drachmas of silver as revenue for the [precinct] that is dedicated [(?) to the Muses]. [It was resolved by the] city [to purchase sacred] lands with this money, according to the decree of the people. The commission in [charge of the lands] to be purchased: Dasyos son of Dasyos, Nikias son of Korrinadas, Emmonos son of Xeneas, Simylos son of Neon, Mnas . . . . . 10 son of Dason.

[A plot of land] and courtyard with crop, 560 plethra and 19 dora, in the Aloia, was purchased from Menia daughter of Phanteios for 22,000 drachmas. Neighbours of this land: Autokrates son of Athanias, Pagon son of Agasitheos, (?) Hismeinos son of Eustrotos, Theomnastas son of Lyson, (?) Helix son of . . ., Mnasippos son of Mnasippos, Autokrates son of . . ., Pantares son of Menes, Philokrates son of Apollodoros, Nikias son of Phanes, Theomnastē daughter of Kallisthenes. Another plot of land [(?) was purchased from] ...mokritos son of . . . in the Aloia . . . , 125 plethra and 8 dora, for 2,800 drachmas. 20 Neighbours of this land: Hermon son of Hermon, son of Homoloïchos, Agathippos son of Kallisthenes.

Ari...idas son of Dion . . . . . leased the sacred land received from Menia for 14 years, for a rent of 1,451 drachmas each year, and he leased the land [in the] Aloia, received from ...okritos, for 14 years at [2 drachmas] per plethron, totalling 250 drachmas 1 obol each year. The time begins in the year when Philon was archon. Total of the rent for each year: 1701 drachmas 1 obol.

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