Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 141


Greek text:   IScM_1.19
Provenance:     Istros , west coast of Black Sea
Date:   late 3rd century B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Although a few lines have been lost from the middle of this inscription, it is clear that it was considered a great honour for Dionysios to be appointed priest of the Samothracian gods; see S.G.Cole, "Theoi Megaloi: The Cult of the Great Gods at Samothrace", pp.72-73 ( Google Books ).

. . . to the city . . . the benefactors, [for which] the city honoured [him] with [the appropriate] honours; and now, when the [city] had need of money so that there might be [a store] of corn [for the sustenance] and safety of the people, he come [before the] council and the assembly and offered one thousand gold coins for a year, with the interest from it also given to the people, so that the corn bought [through] his offer might be available at a [cheap] price; 10 therefore it is resolved by the [people] to praise Dionysios son of Strouthion [for these matters], and to register him as a benefactor of the [people], and to place a bronze statue of him [in the] agora next to the statue of Demos and the the statues [alongside] it. [The steward shall give] money for the cost of it, and the distributors {meristai} shall [distribute the money] . . .

. . . to him on account of his virtue and his goodwill [towards] the people; 20 there shall also be granted to him, and to the eldest of his descendants [in perpetuity], the priesthood in public of the gods in Samothrace, and the right to wear a crown similarly to the other priests, [so that] others may conduct themselves more honourably, knowing that the people honours good men, and gives them rewards [worthy] of their benefactions. The leaders shall inscribe this decree for now on a stele of white marble and shall place it near the [altar] of the gods in Samothrace; 30 when the statue has been set up, they shall also inscribe the decree on the base of the [statue]. The decree shall be proclaimed . . .

inscription 142

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