Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 142


Greek text:   IScM_1.20
Provenance:     Istros , west coast of Black Sea
Date:   c. 200 B.C.
Tags:     corn_supply
Format:   see key to translations

Because it is somewhat surprising that a Carthaginian merchant reached the coast of the Black Sea at the time of this inscription, some scholars have suggested that the word 'Carthaginian' was written by mistake, instead of Chalkedonian; but the original reading has been defended by V.Lungu, "Le cas du Carthaginois d'Istros et la Campanienne A en Mer Noire" ( ).

This and the preceding inscription show that Istros, like other Greek cities, often had to take special measures to ensure that it had an adequate corn supply; see S.Andrews, "Greek cities on the western coast of the Black Sea", page 90 ( PDF ).

[It was resolved by the council and] the people, when Apatourios son of Parmeniskos was epimenios, as proposed by . . . [son] of ...emos; since . . . of Carthage, [the son] of ...rides, [sent for corn] to bring to the city, [at the request of the] magistrates and the [people] . . . and to be handed over . . . the corn- . . .

inscription 143

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