Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 143


Greek text:   IGBulg_1.388   ( IScM_1.64 )
Provenance:     Istros , west coast of Black Sea
Date:   200-150 B.C.
Tags:     kinship ,   sacrilege
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription was found at Istros, but contains a decree of Apollonia Pontica. The historical context of the inscription has been discussed by O.Bounegru, "L'expedition navale de l'amiral histrien Hegesagoras et la guerre sacrée d'Apollonie Pontique" ( PDF ). The translation is taken from F.Chamoux, "Hellenistic Civilization", page 169 ( English translation at Google Books ).

It was resolved by the council and the people, as recommended by the committee members {synedroi}: since the flat country beyond [the Gulf and the fort and Anchialos have been occupied by the] Mesembrians, who, having opened against us undeclared hostilities, have perpetrated serious acts of sacrilege against Apollo's shrine and exposed our city to extreme risk; and the Istrians, who are our kinsmen and friends and well-disposed towards our people, have sent to our help a fleet of warships and troops, led by 10 their admiral and commander-in-chief Hegesagoras son of Monimos, a man of outstanding merit; and when he arrived here he preserved our city, its territories and harbours, with our assistance and that of our allies; and again with our help and that of our allies he regained by force of arms Anchialos, which the enemy had seized and occupied, and which he now caused to be razed to the ground; and in the course of the naval operation against Anchialos, when the enemy attacked his fleet, 20 Hegesagoras fought their superior numbers, gained the upper hand, and seized a ship with its crew - once more with our help and that of our allies; and similarly, during landing operations, he put his life at risk with more boldness than ever, and in all other actions he threw himself into the fight with no thought given to his personal risk; and always met with success, and in these operations never failed to instill in his soldiers a high-spirited attitude that led to the desired result; therefore, so that the people may be seen to show its gratitude and honour excellent men, 30 with good fortune it is resolved by the council and the people to praise the people of Istros, our friend, kindman, and ally, for these matters and for having sent as their admiral Hegesagoras, son of Monimos; and to restore the honours that have been voted for the Istrians; and to crown Hegesagoras son of Monimos with a golden crown at the Dionysia, and with a bronze statue standing fully armed on a ship’s ram, and to set up the statue in the shrine of Apollo Iatros {"the Healer"}, inscribing the present decree on the base of the statue; and to proclaim these honours as well in Istros, at the games performed there, 40 with [the . . .] always making the proclamation . . .

inscription 144

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