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Greek text:   Chios_12
Provenance:     Chios
Date:   c. 320 B.C.
Tags:     democracy ,   foreign_judges
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This inscription is one of the earliest surviving decrees in honour of 'foreign judges'; see A.Magnetto, "Interstate Arbitration and Foreign Judges", section 2.2 ( ). The exact context of the decree is unknown, although there may have been continuing discord within Chios for some years after the restoration of democracy in 332 B.C. ( BD¹_2 ).

[A]   It was resolved by the people: since the judges from Naxos and Andros have approached the people and requested that they should be dismissed, because they have been away from home for a long time, it is resolved by the people to praise both cities because they sent us the panels of judges in an honourable and friendly manner, and to praise the judges because they judged the [cases] 10 in a fine and righteous manner; and to crown each of the panels of judges with a golden crown of [one hundred] Alexandrian [drachmas]; they shall be granted, both for themselves and for their descendants, [proxeny] and [priveleged seating at the] games and the right to sail into and out of the city in war and in peacetime, inviolably and without formality, and priority in receiving justice and freedom from taxes [on whatever they import or] export for their ownership; and [they] shall be [Chian] citizens if they wish; [and so that] it may be [obvious] that the people understands 20 how to render [due thanks] to righteous men, the herald shall make [this] announcement at the Dionysia: "The people of Chios [crowns] the judges from Naxos [and Andros] on account of their righteousness towards [the people] with a [golden] crown of one hundred [drachmas; and it honours them and] their descendants with proxeny and citizenship." The agonothete Megareus [and the] prytaneis in office shall take care of [the announcement]; 30 [they shall also inscribe] on the stele the award of proxeny, with the city of each man and their names and [fathers'] names. They treasurers shall give the [money] for the crowns to each of the panels of judges. The exetastai along with the polemarchs shall give fifty drachmas as travelling expenses to each of the judges; and they shall [take care] that the judges [are conveyed] on a trireme. So that the righteousness of these men may be commemorated for all time, 40 and other men may be prompted to act [in a similar manner] towards the people, [the prytaneis] shall inscribe this decree on a [stone] stele, along with the names [of the judges] and their fathers' names and the city from which [each] panel of judges came, and they shall place the stele in the temple . . . The treasurers shall give . . . money for the expense of the stele.

[B]   From Naxos:

From Andros:

inscription 154

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