Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 170


Greek text:   IKIznik_751
Provenance:   Cihanköy , Bithynia
Date:   281 or 190 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

There are two recorded battles in which Menas may have died: the Battle of Koroupedion or the Battle of Magnesia, which was fought near 'the Phrygian river' (see Syll.³ 606). The clues contained in this double epitaph do not enable an easy choice between the two options; see P Ortimini, "Epitafi per Menas di Bitinia caduto in battaglia" ( Axon 7.2 ).

The translation is taken from A. Chaniotis, "War in the Hellenistic World", p. 204 ( Google Books ).

Although a long tomb contains my bones, stranger, I did not shrink back in view of the heavy weight of the enemies. Although I fought on foot I stood my ground in front of riders among those who fought in the first line, when we battled in the plain of Kouros. After I had hit a Thracian in his armour and a Mysian, I died because of my great bravery. For this, may someone praise the swift Menas, the son of Bioēris, the Bithynian, an excellent officer.

Another poem :

One may come and pour tears on the tombs of cowards, who have died an inglorious death through illness. But earth has received me, who fought near the flow of the Phrygian river for my fatherland and for my parents, as a man who died while fighting with others in the first line, having first slain many enemies. For this, may someone praise the Bithynian Menas, the son of Bioēris, who exchanged light [life] with bravery

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