Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 189


Greek text:   IG_12.4.1.22
Provenance:   Kos
Date:   late 4th century B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

This decree rewarded a citizen of Sinope who had assisted Kos; around 220 B.C., another decree rewarded a citizen of Kos for assisting Sinope ( SEG 48.1097 ). For the relationship between the two states, see also L. Ruscu, "Sinopeans abroad and foreigners at Sinope", pp. 95-96 ( ).

The queen mentioned in lines 2-3 is probably Phila the wife of Demetrios, although Stratonike, the wife of Antigonos, has been suggested as an alternative; see P. Paschidis, "Between City and King", pp.366-368 ( PDF ). For the influence of Phila in another Aegean island, Samos, see Syll_333.

. . . by the city, and if the people has need of anything and he is clearly gaining the favour of the queen, he will give it as a gift;   therefore it is resolved by the council and the assembly to praise Dionysios on account of his goodwill and his eagerness; and to crown him with a golden crown, the largest that the people is permitted to grant by vote [as a gift]; and to announce the award of the crown in the choral contest, at the next games that the people [holds]: 10 and that he shall be a proxenos and benefactor of the city of Kos, [? both himself and his descendants], with the other honours [that are granted] to Sinopeans in Kos; and that [they] shall have the right of [sailing out of] and into the city, in war [and in peacetime], inviolably and without formality, [for both themselves and their property].   The pōlētai shall let a contract [to inscribe] the award of the proxeny and [to manufacture the] stele, and they shall place it in [? the temple of the Twelve Twelve Gods ].

It was resolved by the people, [as proposed by] Ka... : the other matters 20 shall be as recommended by [the council]; and [the announcement of] the award of the crown in Sinope shall be ensured by the envoys, [who will sail to] Sinope in order to ask [the] people of Sinope to make the proclamation.

inscription 190

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