Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 202


Greek text:   MAMA 6.173
Provenance:   Apamea/Kelainai , Phrygia
Date:     c. 168-166 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The translation is adapted from N.Kaye, "The Attalids of Pergamon and Anatolia", pp.54-55 ( Google Books ). There is a German translation by K. Bringman & H. von Steuben, "Schenkungen hellenistischer Herrscher an griechische Städte und Heiligtümer", pt. 1, p. 292 ( Google Books ).  

It was resolved by the council: since Kephisodoros son of Ariston is a good and noble man, whose deeds are worthy both of the reputation of his ancestors and of his own love of goodness; both earlier when he made demonstrations ever fitting his character and benefited the people, he met with appropriate honours, which have been set down in decrees that were written concerning him; and from that time up until now he has not desisted from excelling in all earnestness on behalf of the state and showing a love of honour, and always doing whatever was advantageous for the people, serving as gymnasiarch [splendidly with his own funds?]; 10 and when he was honoured by the youths {neoi}, he dedicated statues of Eumenes and Attalos the brother of the king; and now, with the king having granted 3,000 drachmas to [our?] people, who provided grain to the soldiers in the war and in many other needs of war [?] furnishing fine demonstrations of our goodwill towards the king's affairs, Kephisodoros has made on behalf of the king a dedication of ... drachmas on condition that every year there shall be an assembly [in the gymnasium] of the ephebes and the boys of the gymnasium when they celebrate the Hermaia and Heraklēa ; and it is fitting that we should acknowledge the zeal and honourable conduct of Kephisodoros, and his inclination to do good, praising him because he has provided useful service on all occasions; therefore, in order that it may be obvious that the people is suitably grateful, 20 and the council may be seen to give suitable rewards to its benefactors . . .

inscription 203

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