Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 207


Greek text:   IG_4².1.590
Provenance:   Epidauros 
Date:     218 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

In 218 B.C., during the Social War, king Philippos invaded Laconia and defeated Lykourgos of Sparta  ( Polyb_5.17-24 ).   The translation of this epigram is copied from N. Papazarkadas & J. Wallensten, "Religion and family politics in Hellenistic Kalaureia", p. 146 ( PDF ).

[The city] of [ Epidauros ] dedicated [this statue of king Philippos of Macedonia, the son  of king] Demetrios, [on account of his virtue and his] goodwill [towards the city].

  As long as the sun traverses both the great [celestial sphere and the stars],
  I proclaim the glorious [leader] of the Greeks,
  even though I am bronze, [because by the force of his spear] 
  he kept destructive [slavery] away from the island of Apis, 
  causing [many ills] to the Aetolians [ and the Eleians ]
  and countless afflictions [to the Laconian land], which is famous for its foals.
  For him has Epidauros now [set] me up; but protect, 
  Zeus, the man [who draws] his [noble] glory from Sparta.

inscription 208

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