Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 211


Greek text:   IC_2.1.2
Provenance:   Allaria, Crete 
Date:     early 2nd century B.C.
Tags:     isopoliteia 
Format:   see key to translations

This treaty was probably requested by Paros in order to provide immunity from raids by pirates; see  S. V. Spyridakis, "Paros, Allaria and the Cretan Koinon", pp. 15-18 ( PDF ). For an analysis of the negotiations between the two cities, see R.Souza, in "From Document to History: Epigraphic Insights into the Greco-Roman World", pp. 90-94 ( Google Books ).

[A]   {End of a decree of Paros} . . . and the archons shall [deposit] the correspondence of everyone who arrived from Allaria in the public offce with the secretary. And the archons with Agathis shall dispatch a copy of this decree, sealing it with the public seal, so that the Allariotai may follow closely what has been voted about these issues.

[B]   The kosmoi and the city of the Allariotai to the council and the people of the Parians, greetings. Since the ambassadors Phanis and Dorkos, whom you sent on a mission to us about seizure, have arrived among us, and since in their embassy according to the decree from you they renewed both the friendship and the goodwill that the cities have towards one another in order to preserve [the friendship and goodwill], when the kosmoi were those with Philombrotos son of Euthymachos, with good fortune 10 it is resolved by the kosmoi and the city of the Allariotai to praise the Parian people because it preserves its friendship and goodwill towards our city and accordingly that the Parians also shall receive friendship and goodwill from the Allariotai, in order that we may be seen to bring about the same things as those being proposed. There shall be isopoliteia between the Allariotai and the Parians; and the Allariotai  shall have a share in both divine affairs and mortal ones in Paros, and likewise also the Parians shall have a share in both divine affairs and mortal ones in Allaria. And if 20 the people of Paros agree on these points, both cities shall inscribe [the agreement] on a stone stele and set it up, the Parians in the temple of Demeter, and the Allariotai in the temple of Apollo. And these things shall be for the health and preservation of both cities. But if it seems right to you to add or remove any terms at all, we would oblige. Farewell.

inscription 212

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