Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 215


Greek text:   TitCal_52 ,   TitCal_105
Provenance:     Kalymna
Date:     250-200 B.C.
Tags:     hostages+captives
Format:   see key to translations

No trace of the theatre mentioned in these inscriptions has been found; it may have been a small theatre rather than a large public theatre. Inscription B shows that it was jointly dedicated by husband and wife; the dedication by Aratokritos, just as specified in decree A, has been partially preserved ( TitCal_106 ). The release of captives is mentioned in line 6 of A without comment, almost as if it was a common event that needed no further explanation; see A. Bielman, "Retour à la liberté ", no. 34 ( Cefael ).

[A]   As proposed by Aristophilos son of Aristodoros: since Aratokritos son of Aristias, inheriting from his parents the goodwill that they continually had towards the citizens, previously by imitating their good disposition has continually done what is advantageous to his homeland with all goodwill, and has often plentifully supplied money from his personal resources, as far as he can, for the needs of the people, from which it has happened that the people has derived many benefits; and he has provided assistance to many of the citizens, and has enabled some of them, who were being held as captives, to return to their fatherland, and has enabled others to regain their personal property, through his generosity towards all of them; and now, retaining the same good disposition, he proposes to adorn the temple of Delian Apollo and to bestow distinction on his homeland, so that musical 10 and choral games may be performed for the god and our benefactors, just as the people desires; and he is requesting a place by the theatre, which is in the temple of Apollo, to construct a skene and proskenion for the god , in which he undertakes to complete all the building and the (?) enclosure; and as a result it happens that he is spending a considerable amount of money from his personal resources for the construction of the skene and proskenion; therefore it is resolved by the council and the people to praise Aratokritos son of Aristias on account of his virtue and the goodwill that he has towards all the citizens; and to give the place by the theatre that he requests; and that it shall be granted for him to display an inscription of this decree on the skene that he dedicates, and another inscription recording the dedication on the proskenion as follows: "Aratokritos son of Aristias, after holding the office of stephanephoros, dedicates this skene and proskenion to Delian Apollo."

[B]   Eutelistratē, daughter of Aration and wife of Aratokritos, dedicated this theatre to Delian Apollo and to the people.

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