Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 219


Greek text:   GIBM_4.2.975
Provenance:   Amathous , Cyprus
Date:     c. 150-100 B.C.
Tags:     sacred_laws
Format:   see key to translations

The translation is adapted from G. Papantoniou, "Religion and Social Transformations in Cyprus", p. 285 ( Google Books ).   There is another English translation by A. Michel, "Portraits from the Hellenistic City of Amathus", p. 144 ( PDF ).

The inscription is now held in the British Museum ( 1894,1102.1 ).

For good luck, in the year . . .     When the priest of Kypros Aphrodite was Charinos, son of Charinos, previous strategos, previous gymnasiarch, previous archon; for the safe-keeping of the [people] of Amathous and of the crops. The hēgētōr Aristion, son of Antenor, previous strategos, previous gymnasiarch, previous [archon, 10 proposed] that the usual [sacrifice] during the expected [celebration] should be made everyday with all care for those who cultivate [the land] and [according to the] prescribed decree, so that during the year nothing [harmful or] painful happens [to the] people. On the other hand, [if something usual] must be offered by the city 20 for the sanctuary [of Aphrodite], [according to the] established sacred decree, the city should [give] all that, [by virtue of its] benevolence towards the people [and its] piety [towards] the deity.

inscription 220

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