Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 224


Greek text:   Gephyra_21.p5
Provenance:     Aloanda , Lycia
Date:   c. 160-100 B.C.
Tags:     foundations
Format:   see key to translations

A substantial portion of the beginning of this inscription has been lost, which makes it difficult to establish the exact nature of Pokomas' foundation, or even the order of the surviving fragments. A more complete inscription has recorded another foundation in Lycia from approximately the same time ( SEG 58.1640, Tlos ).

The translation is taken from F. Onur & S. Kiliç-Aslan, "New Inscriptions from Aloanda in Lycia" ( ) - which should be consulted for further details about the inscription.

[B]   . . . Let them [choose] five brabeutai every year and hand over the money to them, according to what has been written above. If they do not choose the brabeutai or do not hand over the money, let them owe half as much again as the amount they did not hand over, 30 and let the exaction of money be made against them, according to what has been written above.

[C]   When they burn the frankincence, let them proclaim in the drinking-bout as follows: "the people of Aloanda crowns Pokomas, son of Ermedepimis, with a wreath of olive"; let them invite three men from the kinsfolk of Pokomas to the banquet, if they are present at Aloanda; let them give one thigh of the back leg (?) from the sacrificed victims to Pokomas, as long as he lives; after Pokomas passes away, let them give it to his children,always to the elder one; after the children pass away, 40 let them give it to the closest relatives. Let the brabeutai take every year 10 drachmas, reserving it (?) for themselves for a drinking bout (?); if they are not able to perform the sacrifices at the prescribed time due to war, they shall perform the sacrifice that was due in the previous year in the [following] year too, according to what has been written above; let them spend all [the revenue] on the sacrifices and festivities. If anything remains over, let them allocate it [to the next festival], but to nothing else; if they neglect [these rules and do not] sacrifice 50 and do not do the rest in accordance with the will of Pokomas, [let them pay] [D] [a penalty of] thousand drachmas to [the people] of Aloanda and [let anyone who wishes] prosecute [them for a half/third? share], . . . the money . . . of Pokomas . . . 60 Pokomas . . . if they destroy, [let the exaction of money be made by] Pokomas or [his] heirs [from] one and from several [and from all] . . .

inscription 225

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