Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 252


Original text:   KAI 43
Provenance:   Lapethos
Date:   275/4 B.C. 
Format:   see key to translations

The translation of this Phoenician inscription is taken from A.M. Honeyman in JEA, 1940, p. 58 ( ). The complex arguments about its date are summarised by C. Bennett, Arsinoe I, note 9. Section C provides evidence for the cult of the Ptolemaic kings in Cyprus at an early date; see R.S. Bagnall, "The Administration of the Ptolemaic Possessions Outside Egypt", pp.71-72 ( Google Books ).  

[A]   A votive image for favour. This statue is a votive image. I am Yatonbaʿal, district  officer, son of Gerʿaštart, district officer, son of ʿAbdʿaštart, [district officer, son of ʿAbdo]sir, son of Gerʿaštart, son of Šallum, prominent among the people, who have made an erection for myself in the sanctuary of Melqart as a memorial [of favour] to my name [among the] living, on the new moon of the month Zebaḥ-šiššim in the year 11 of Ptolemy lord of kings, son of Ptolemy lord of kings, 5 which according to the era of the people of Lapethos is year 33, when the priest to Ptolemy lord of kings was ʿAbdʿaštart son of Gerʿaštart, district officer, prominent among  the people. 

[B]   In the month Mopaʿ of the year 4 of Ptolemy lord of kings, son of Ptolemy lord of kings, in the lifetime of my father, I set up in the sanctuary of Melqart the votive image of my father in bronze. 

[C]   In the month Paʿulot of the year 5 of Ptolemy lord of kings son of Ptolemy lord of kings, in the lifetime of my father, I gave and consecrated roaming beasts within the sacred territory of Narnaka to mine own lord Melqart, 10 that by the voluntary coming of the beasts allocation might be made for the establishment of the people and of the altars of mine own lord Melqart, for the sake of my life and that of my seed, day by day, and to the rightful scion and to his wives and to his blood on the new moons and on the full moons, month by month for ever, as heretofore, in accordance with the bronze plaque which I wrote and nailed upon the wall which forms part of my gracious gift. And I made upon . . . of silver, weighing 102 KR and dedicated them to [mine own] 15 lord Melqart. May advantage and favour accrue to  me and to my seed ; may Melqart remember me [and may he remember] the stock for favour!

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