Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 253


Original text:   KAI 40   ( CIS 1.93 ) 
Provenance:   Idalion
Date:   255/4 B.C. 
Format:   see key to translations

The dating formula at the start of this Phoenician inscription was translated by H. Volkmann, "Der Herrscherkult der Ptolemäer in phönikischen Inschriften und sein Beitrag zur Hellenisierung von Kypros", p. 449 (Historia, 1956). It shows that Kition initiated a new era for counting years after the death of king Nikokreon in 311/0 B.C.   The rest of the translation is taken from G.A. Cooke, "A Text-book of North-Semitic Inscriptions", p.78 ( ).  

On the 7th day of the month of Chajar in year 31 of the reign of King Ptolemy, the son of Ptolemy - which was year 57  in the era of the Kitians - when the kanephoros of Arsinoē Philadelphos was Amatosir, daughter of M..., the son of Abshash, the son of Gidath; these statues were set up by Batshallum, daughter of Mar-yeḥai, son of Eshmun-adon, for her grandsons Eshmun-adon and Shallum and ꜥAbd-reshef, the three sons of Mar-yeḥai, son of Eshmun-adon, son of Naḥmai, son of Gallab, in fulfilment of the vow which their father Mar-yeḥai had vowed during his life-time to their lord Reshef of Mukl : may he bless them !

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