Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 33


Greek text:   Labraunda_42   ( I.Labr. 6 )
Provenance:     Labraunda , Caria
Date:   220 B.C.
Tags:     royal_letters
Format:   see key to translations

This letter of Olympichos follows on from the letter of king Philippos to Olympichos ( inscription_31 ).

. . . [(?) about the decisions of the] people you sent a letter to king [Philippos] . . . [and your envoys] handed over the decree [to me], in which you voted that (?) all the citizens [and] the other property owners in your territory should wear wreaths on account of the restoration of the ancestral rites and perform a sacrifice on behalf of king Philippos and on behalf of us to Zeus Osogo and Zeus Labraundos and Zeus Eleutherios; and that the stephanephoros and the [priests] and priestesses should offer prayers to all the gods and goddesses according to the established rites, as you have made clear in your decree. After they had greeted me on behalf of the people, and joined in rejoicing that I and my wife Nikaia and my children were in good health, they handed over the the letter from the king and urged me, as I have previously chosen to be a benefactor of your homeland, for which I helped to make it happen that the city . . . [and I wrote] to king [Philippos (?) at length to assist you] in keeping the temple, as you thought [fitting; and] since the king [wrote] to me that I should make [the transfer of the temple], I propose to act in accordance with your [(?) decrees] and the oaths that I made, [(?) as you requested]. I restore to you the temple of Zeus [Labraundos], both the place and its territory, and Petra [by] Labraunda, and [all] the revenues at Labraunda, as I have previously written to you. I have appended a copy of the letter that the king wrote to me about these matters; and after speaking to your envoys, I instructed them to report back the message from [me] to you. Farewell.

inscription 34

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