Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions:   IG 12.9.198


Greek text:   IG_12.9.198
Provenance:     Eretria , Euboia
Date:   c. 304-301 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

Adeimantos was influential in promoting goodwill between Demetrios and the Greek states - see also inscription_37.   Adapted from the translation by A.Ellis-Evans (in "Dynasts and Kings").

[Since Adeimantos of Lampsakos, the son of Androsthenes . . . has (?) accomplished in accordance with the will of] kings [Antigonos and Demetrios] and [does everything] else [in a praiseworthy manner, always displaying] goodwill for the Greeks, and continues to be [well-disposed] to the people of the Eretrians and always speaks and acts [in the name of the king] in the most advantageous way for the Eretrians; [it is resolved] by the people to praise [Adeimantos] of Lampsakos, the son of Androsthenes, [on account of his virtue] and zeal in the interest of [the city] of the Eretrians and to make him a citizen [of the Eretrians] and his descendants and let them share in the sacred things and all else [which is shared in] by the other Eretrians too; and to grant them the privilege of presenting themselves before the people and [the council] immediately [after the sacred matters have been conducted], and to make them exempt from import and [export] tax outside the territory of anything that is useful to them, and to grant them [safety] and inviolability, and the right to sail in and sail out of the port, both in times of peace and [of war]; and the probouloi will always [take care of] Adeimantos and [his descendants so that] they will not [be wronged] by any [man] in Eretria; and to set up a [bronze] statue [of him, wherever] he wishes; and to elect [three men] from all the Eretrians [who will be responsible] for erecting the statue [and the other (?) honours] for Adeimantos. The treasurer [will (?) provide] the money in accordance with what the [probouloi write]; and to elect by a show of hands [a single ambassador from among all] the Eretrians who [will show to Adeimantos] what was voted [by the Eretrians] and make clear [the good-will which the people has for him, and he will (?) show] that . . .

inscription 39

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